What should I choose (VC02 vs GR06)?
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Jun 2, 2013
first of all - I hope that I am writing into right section (if not i am apologize).
I read a tons of reviews but I cant still decide, what model of in ear headphones should i choose.
I want to spend around 65$ (this number is from original price of Vsonic VC02 an GR06 in our country, but in dolars).
So I thinking what choose - VC02 or GR06? What is better for sound? I have Senheis. PX100 - sound is good but lows should
be little bit better (but it really depends on comapring in ear vs open headphones).
I am listening style like dnb, dubstep, chillout,trance...kinda of all from eletronic music.
I want use in ear headphones for sport(run, fitness) and sometimes for PC.
I know that many people tell me buy some kind of "sport headphones",but i dont like it.
I havent any experience with headpones with cable "around ear"...so i dont know any pros /cons.
Could you tell me, which headphones are better? in quality of sound (lows), good hold in the ear (when i do sport)?

Thanks a lot and i apologize for my poor english.
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Jan 16, 2012
I own the VC02 and think they are awesome, but based on reading threads and considering your parameters - I think the Vsonic with the larger dynamic driver (GR06) would be a better fit for you - bass wise. The bass response in the VC02 is solid and punchy, but you might consider them a little light if you are listening to bass heavy music. Both choices are great headphones - you really can't go wrong - but the quantity of bass with the GR06 might be more in line with your musical tastes. Cheers.

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