What "product" that doesn' t yet exist would you like for your set up?
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Nov 2, 2009
Whether it be a folding desk that connects all your PC for portability?
A chair with gaps to rest your head with headphones on?
New form of mouse pointing without damiging the skin on your wrist or the actual wrist itself?
Anything else?
What would you want to see brought to the market to complete your set up?
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A pair of in ears the sounds like a 18 inch subwoofer on max volume to a person 100 meters away and still manages to not kill me would be awesome (I'm a bit of an attention seeker

But seriously, something that bypasses only the internal amp on my laptop and cost less than $50 would be nice. 
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electronic ghost exorciser 
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This is really strange as when walking I started think about a piece of gear that would be really cool to have.
This box would be all in one. It would have a small computer on board much like an XBox 360. You would plug this thing in at your house and get it an hooked up on line. At that point it would contact it's home server which would validate the unit. 
This unit would come with one pair of headphones and the ability to buy a second pair which could also be played at the same time. What is so amazing about this unit is it was completely designed to fit together. The unit has a hard drive to store music, the unit has a dedicated D/A converter which is both matched to the headphones and amp. There is a volume knob but really not much else except an HDMI cord which goes to your TV or monitor so you can read the play list of songs.
The music which this unit played would come from many of the majors like Columbia, RCA, Sony and they would also find it a great platform to introduce new bands and classical recordings to the listeners. It would be like the radio where you could have channels of stuff playing all day long but you could also choose albums and download them to the player. There would be an output so people could hook it up to an amp and speakers. The main goal though would be the perfect balance it had with headphones. All the volume levels would be level so even when changing songs the volume would be normalized and maxed out for best SQ.
There would be hard wire cables all inside so no worry about RCAs. It would come with it's own power filter and power regenerator which would prove great level power and run off 110 and 220 just by a switch so the one they make would fit the whole world with it's power needs. Each place in the world would have it's own plug, but the device would stay the same.
There would be no way to get the music out digitally so information rights people would love it. There would be no way to modify the sound as everything would be inside the box. The great reason it would sell is because of economy of volume they make millions and pass the savings off the the consumer and it's subsidized by the record companies due to being the perfect way to sell music to one person and one person only.
There would be no device that you could buy that would cost $200.00 usd and sound like a $6000.00 Head-Fi custom rig. People with no interest in technology would love the simplicity of use and set up. This thing would look like an XBox 360 but have a dedicated headphone plug only for it's own type of headphones. There would also be EQ and sound presets for the folks into that. It would be quiet and run cool but need airspace around it much like an Xbox 360. People could also share play lists and EQ presets on line. It would integrate with a forum like Head-Fi where people could see what other people were listening to in real time, much like our "What are you listening to thread", only it would be automatic.
Music would be also rated among the listeners and lists would show how many people were playing a certain song or album. This would increase the exposure of new bands and classical recordings over the network and allow for it's own mini resale hub which would be self- generating along with small write ups which could also be installed onto the song monitor which is on line and you find the song or album by. 
Think of this device as a musical Head-Fi and an amp and headphone rig all connected up on line with it's own Head-fi site and hard disk.
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HeadAmp T2 (or better yet, HeadAmp T2SE after they optimize the old T2 design).
A discrete battery power supply optimized for the Berkeley Alpha DAC.
Also, if I knew where to find it, a nice ventilated rack to put on a computer desk for a tube amp, discrete power supply, and DAC, without concentrating too much weight in a single spot.
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120hz IPS monitor with at least 1920x1200 res...of course need uber GPU to power that thing too

I'd go a step further and ask for a 2560x1600 laser DLP or AMOLED display with 120 Hz, though 1920x1200 is certainly the minimum. (If it can't fit a 1600x1200 image at the least, it doesn't belong in the computer monitor market.)
Now, what can I possibly ask for that doesn't exist yet...an X-Fi or SoundCore 3D-based card that outputs HDMI audio to an external HDMI DAC (no, not a receiver; it's not the DAC's job to amplify speakers), since the audiophile sorts here like it that way, while having a refined version of CMSS-3D Headphone that allows for HRTF customization that can suit each and every user's head? Basically, the perfect headphone gaming source that also doubles as an excellent music audiophile source.
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3840x2400, 30" screen. I'm asking for a high pixel density, high resolution large screen.
Actually it already kind of exists, but the prices are stratospheric.
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electronic ghost exorciser 

I think we have the technology to make more products that will allow us to see and hear astral spirits, but government keep wasting their subsidies on stupid things.

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