What pads do YOU use with your Grado Headphones?
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cruizin caleb

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Sep 25, 2009
I've been thinking of changing to some different pads to see what its like
so i'm curious to see what type of pads people use for their Grado/Alessandro Headphones the most often on head-fi.

What model(s) do you have?
And what type of pads do you use for each model?

I use:
Grado SR-125 : L-cushion (bowls)
Grado RS-1: L-cusion (bowls)
Allessandro MS1i: S-Cushion
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Well, I have the bowls and HD414 pads, and I really prefer the bowls. The senns are comfy, but the bowls just sound so much better. They are design specifically by Grado for Grado and they get the job done wonderfully.
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S on the 60, flats on the RS1 and G on the GS1K.
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I cant pick one answer.
With SR80, quarter-modded yellow senn 414 pads are best. Bowls sound annoying on them.
With SR225....leave the stock bowls on because the 414 pads flatten out the stage and ruin 225s.

With igrados- stock.
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Flats on my RS-1
Bowls on HF-2......but then convert all HF-2 to Vixen

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