What Musical Skill Would You Want?
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Hey Uncle Erik what do you mean by "I can lay a few instruments????? I truly wish I could play piano but just do not have the patience to learn or the time. I studied voice for many years and am capable but not great. I wish I could sing like "Guy Penrod" from the Gaither Vocal Band. Wow that long haired dude has a range that does not stop.
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Interesting question. I play mallet instruments (vibes, marimba, and xylophone), piano, some guitar, and a little bass, so I pass on the instrument option. While I can't sing in a way that is pleasing to listen to, I can hit an octave and a half of pitches without trying too hard, so singing isn't too important to me. I also compose a little, but I really need to improve, so I would have to say composing. It's hard for me to get just the right amount of repetition, simplicity, tension/resolution, and originality into a single song.
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Originally Posted by Duggeh /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I gain so much joy from listening to music I think in part because of my great inability to perform in any manner myself.

I can totally relate, dude.
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Hmm, for me it would be to sing well or compose great lyrics/guitar parts. It is a hard choice but I would rather just be a better composer because I think I can work on singing.
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I do most of the things listed already at a level that earns me money, and am improving all the time. I'd like to be able to hear a song of any length and write it down/play it back, rather than 20 seconds or so at a time.
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Drums. Drumming is in my blood, my pops being old rock band drummer, but no place nor time to train properly...
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Rob Halford's voice like in Priest's first three albums...
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Originally Posted by panda /img/forum/go_quote.gif
wish i could play the piano

Me too. My failure to study the piano when I had the time (and a piano in our family living room!) is near the top of my list of missed life opportunities. The piano is an entire orchestra unto itself, and can be used to play just about any kind of music. Beyond that, keyboard skills can be adapted to an immense array of other instruments, including organ, harpsichord, synthesizer, and so on.

There is a good reason why any conservatory grad, regardless of instrument, is required to pass a piano competency test. The piano keyboard is an essential tool for understanding harmony and theory, and for analyzing virtually any composition.

Plus, you can impress people at parties.
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I'm learning guitar, I think I can compose pretty well (random things pop into my head at times that sound great, but then I remember that I can't play them yet, so they disappear), but I can't sing at all.

So I guess either singing or just getting much better at guitar.
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The ability of playing something I've never seen before. I suck at that.

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