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What languages can you speak?

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  1. soundboy
    Back to the topic....ahem

    Besides English, I speak, read, and write Cantonese (the right version) and I can understand a bit of Mandarin. I can also read a good bit of that awful invention called "Simplified Chinese" used in the mainland.
  2. Rock&Roll Ninja
    In the spirit of the late Gary Gygax I can say "Hey Rube" in Goblin. (Bree-Yark)
  3. twoears&oneheart
    i can speak two languages,

    english and english

  4. Quaddy Contributor
    english and binary.

    its all i need to get me by [​IMG]
  5. digitalmind Contributor
    Besides Dutch, I'm fluent in English and am understandable in German. I know a bit of French too, but not enough to do more than ask the most basic questions or understand the most basic sentences. I'm going to improve my German and after that work on French. I used to hate foreign languages other than English, but have come to like the idea of being fluent in more than two languages.

    I like to travel, and I've been in troublesome situations (one where a friend and me were on the verge of getting arrested and sleeping in a cell for the night) that could easily have been solved or avoided if I were either fluent in the local language or if the other party had been fluent in English.
    Having lived in three countries, I can't imagine living in a country of which you don't speak the language. While most people in the western world speak at least a bit of english there is still a fine line between being understood or not. Communication is a very important thing.


    Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I can speak and write some Chinese (Mandarin) (lost interest in it a long time ago). No other dialects though. I can converse and write in English fluently.

    Would like to learn German, Afrikaans and French in my lifetime [​IMG]

    Why not start with Dutch? After that, Afrikaans should be like a walk in the park. [​IMG]
  6. twoears&oneheart
    i had a friend who claim he speaks 7 languages

    and he turns around and ask me to translate one of the thoughts he had in english to the language he wants to express himself with,

    and he claims to speak 7 languages ...

    the language he asked me for help in, was one of them ...


    what a ...
  7. Zanth Contributor
    I speak English, French and Latin fluently and I can read German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, binary [​IMG] and I dabble in Portugese.
  8. Steggy

    id like to learn latin and greek. hopefully i can learn some in my spare time.
  9. krmathis Contributor
    German (some)

    Also understand and can get myself understood in Swedish and Danish.
  10. TRose
    I am a self studying linguist who is fascinated in learning any language. Fluent in English. Rudimentary in Spanish. Knows 7+ alphabets. Cyrlic. Greek. Emglish. ASL. Finnish. Spanish. And german! The alphabets I know I though would love to learn Uzbek. The country I was born in Uzbekistan adopted from Russia lives in america for now
  11. Keith124215
    From Hong Kong, chinese and english. New member here
  12. TRapz
    Ich kann etwas Deutsch sprechen. Und ich spreche Englisch.
  13. thefitz
    I'll see myself out.
  14. xkonfuzed
    My first language is Arabic. But I'm fluent in English and French. I also know bits and pieces of Spanish.
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