What LAME command line do you use to encode your MP3's?
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Dec 26, 2001
Well, let's hear it...what LAME command line do you use? It might also be helpful to know which LAME version!
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I'm still pretty confused on what command line to use:

I have EAC and LAME 3.92- and I want to make 192kbps CBR mp3 files of very high quality. I was even thinking 224 or 256k. Is VBR a good option to use too?

I looked through the LAME readme and saw that using q=0 and -k (Keep all frequencies) may be two good ones to use? What exactly do I need to type into the "Additional Command Line Options" box in EAC?

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well.. --alt-preset fast standard should suffice, it's rarely so that you gain much from standard -> extreme.
but anyway, as long as you don't use "-k" or "-ms" it's good

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