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What is your favorite Masrried with Children episode?

  1. kool bubba ice
    To me, the ultimate was when they moved into the grocery store to avoid the heat.. Everything about it was very funny.. They even had Jerry Mathers.. The Beave there..
    & my favorite Bundy repeated quote.. I once scored 4 touchdowns in a football game..lol
  2. Samgotit
    The one where Mary can't stop laughing at Chuckles the Clown's funeral.
  3. gooky
    Isn't Married With Children a little low brow for head-fi?[​IMG]  All kidding aside, I always enjoyed the multi-part episodes, especially the trip to Lower Uncton.  Oh!  And the one where aliens steal Al's socks.  That's a classic too.
  4. GreatDane Contributor
    I'm reluctant to admit it but I started watching MWC from the first episode and followed it until the last. I had over 200 episodes on VHS.That was in my TV junkie days. I stopped watching sitcoms at least 8 years ago and watch almost nothing today.
  5. Kirosia
    My dad used to love the show. He didn't speak english, but he's been married like three times and has three children. I too am a fan, though it's been awhile so I can't remember which episode I liked most. 
  6. Moontan13
    My fav was when Al was fighting with a co-worker, using a picture of his mother in law as a weapon.
  7. gooky
    Quick question guys, who did you prefer, Steve or Jefferson?  I told my sister about this thread, and she asked me if I listed the episode where Jefferson is spy as my favorite episode.  That is a classic as well.  "If you take out the D, and put a N, it spells bunny."  Good stuff.
  8. tjohnusa


    If he didn't speak english...how did he love the show?
  9. MCC

    Sub/dub? I don't speak Japanese (well) but I still regularly enjoy subtitled anime.
  10. kool bubba ice

    Steve was pretty cool..But Jefferson owns. I remember when Steve asked Al why his car is only getting 1 mile per gallon.. Al & Peg act suprised..lol Or when Al comes homes, goes to this white board to measure his heigh..Just to find out every yr he gets shorter due to do his jobs.. This was a flashback episode.. He even had long hair..lol I love his job.. & big woman sits in a chair & screams SIZE 4..Bundy Shreeks!! How you would feel being a shoe salesmen during that run.. MR empty pants is still one of my fav.. Ok, MR Bundy.. Show us your inner emptiness..lol No Sitcom made me laugh harder..

  11. majestic12
    My favorite episodes include the trip to England series and the one where Steve returns to take back Marcy, only to crawl into bed with her and Jefferson.  Good laughs.
  12. Kirosia


    The same way housewives know what's going on in spanish soap operas without knowing the language? 
  13. MrProggie
    One is when Peggy is decorating the upstairs bathroom. She gets a visit from the decorating class she's attending to see what she has done to the bathroom. Al getting sick and tired of all the decorating, eats a lot of hot Mexican food and need to use the bathroom fast when her classmates are there. Of course he scare them away when he needs to use the bathroom.
    Some of Al's bathroom moments:

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  14. gooky
    Great find.  Thanks.  And it's true what they say about today's toilets, only more than before.  Mr. Empty Pants.  Good stuff.
  15. GreatDane Contributor
    Thanks for the You Tube, good stuff. All 11 seasons are on DVD (of course)...I might have to revisit a season or two thanks to Blockbuster online.

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