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What is a good pair of in-ear headphones for listening to music while walking around campus?

  1. jrichardh
    I'm a college student and I am looking for some headphones to replace my now broken Bose IE2. 90% of the time I use them for music when going to and from class or while studying, so I am looking for some in-ear headphones that can provide good sound and a bit of noise-cancellation from other sounds so I don't get distracted when studying. When I get done using them, I usually dangle around my neck or put them in my bag, so durability is a plus too! Also since i am a college student, money is scarce, and I'm hoping to spend somewhere around $25-$50. Thanks guys!
  2. JK1
    I suggest not walking around while wearing anything that isolates. I only use isolating earphones when sitting or lying down.
    Using isolating earphones can be dangerous while walking around, especially if you are walking through traffic. When walking around I like to use non isolating earbuds with ear hooks like the Panasonic HS33 or JVC HAEB75, or open headphones like the Sennheiser PX100II or Koss KSC75 headphones with ear clips. I also keep the volume low while  walking around.
  3. mc21
    If you're using them to study, they get sound isolating, not noise cancelling. Noise cancelling is only good for consistent sounds such as an airplane engine or ac/fan. Abrupt or sudden noises isn't going to be altered by noise cancelling. For that price range, you can probably grab some Ultimate ears, ue500 and maybe ue700. Klipsch should also work. Try looking at their s4(i/a, i is for iphone with mice and control and a is for android). Might be able to get some Shures at that price too, se215 maybe? Good luck on your audio journey.
    Also, I walked around campus for 4 years with Shures (one of the best sound isolating headphones I've used) and never had any issues. Just be aware of your surroundings and look before crossing. I don't think having a pair of earbuds or vented iems would really allow you to be more aware of your surroundings either.
  4. JK1
    Vented IEMs won't let you hear the surroundings well enough, however traditional earbuds, or traditional earbuds with hooks, the KSC75, or the PX100II will let you hear your surroundings well enough if you keep the volume low.

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