What happens if you wet your headphones?
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If you wet your headphones, you need to flip them over and change the sheets. You should be all good after that except for the smell.
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dun plug them in to anything AT ALL. once fried its hopeless.

place them in front of a strong fan let the fan run for 2 days or so. Place them in a dehumidifying cupboard/or any other sealed case with dessicant/drying agents, until you're damn sure they're dry. and then plug in and pray for the best..

my 2 cents on saving equipment.
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Just turn on the stereo (from another room) for listening in the shower or bath -- don't wear your phones or IEMs in the shower or tub.
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I accidentally dunked one of my UE Triple Fi earpieces into a glass of water. No negative lingering effects. (Proof: I can't remember which one; I think that it was the left one.)

(Given my proclivities, it's a miracle that I didn't dunk it into coffee.)
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Originally Posted by wdoerr /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Bake, on low heat, for 30 minutes, turn and bake for an additional 30 minutes.

Add chili sauce and pepper to taste.
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I've heard that leaving water-damaged electronics in dry rice in sealed container for a day or two can draw the moisture out pretty well.
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Originally Posted by fatcat28037 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Define wet, jump in a pool or walk in the rain?

Umm like 3 seconds in full water soaking down on it.

It was my re0, I let them try for an hour. Maybe that wasn't enough, as when I tried them the right ear was fine but the left ear seemed significantly quieter. Let it sit for another 4 hours and it seems fine now.

I'm just worried that perhaps I've damaged them somehow and the SQ is not as good now. Is this a possiblity?
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Well they were off when they were in the water.

It seemed dry when I first tried them, but I'm pretty sure the inside most likely still had some moisture in it.

They sound the same now, doesn't seem to have any lasting effects...hopefully

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