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What happened to my feedback.

  1. Palpatine
    I went off of head-fi for a few months and I am back again. I have sold headphones to a few happy customers and received some nice feedback, and I left some as well. On my profile it looks like I haven't received any, or left any. what could I have done to wipe it out...or is it hidden somewhere?
    I want users of the For Sale threads to know that I am a good guy to do business with.
    Any ideas...thanks!
  2. krmathis Contributor
    Your feedback thread is still up and running -> http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/474603/palpatine
  3. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Palpatine, having feedback in your profile is a new feature. Unfortunately, it was not technically possible to link the profile feedback to the old feedback threads. However, your feedback thread will remain for people to view.

    Also, welcome back! [​IMG]
  4. Palpatine
    Thanks, dudes!! good to know.
  5. SiriuslyCold
    what's the point of being Emperor if you still need feedback?
  6. Landis Contributor


    I support this post and everything it stands for.
  7. priest Contributor

    Okay, but just so I understand: new members etc who might not realize that you have a legacy feedback thread will think you have less than you do, right? And are members still asking counterparties to update their legacy feedback thread going forward, or do you think those will just die a lingering death as people focus on profile feedback? -David
  8. earthpeople
    It's not possible to post in the old feedback threads anymore as far as I can figure.
  9. priest Contributor

    Interesting. I guess that resolves that little dilemma. [​IMG] Thanks.

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