What Format is Your Music?
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I collect CDs and rip and encode them into 128kbps .mp3 files on my netbook HDD.

Good luck with that... XD I personally don´t buy CD´s to rip them into awful sounding mp3´s.


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1.400 CD's is nothing if you are really into music, and you should be if you spend so much time at head-fi! I would rather spend $40k or more on music than the same amount of money on hifi gear. Remember: MUSIC FIRST!

It´s quite a lot in my opinion too... I´ll probably gather a lot more during the years to come, but I don´t know if it will be that much. I mostly buy only stuff I really really like, unless the record is too cheap to be left in the store. =D
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1) SACDs I own approx 100 discs
2) CDs
3) Flac at work
4) MP3 256 kbps
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CD, ALAC, and 256-320 AACs.

Oh, and all the <192 MP3s from my pre-hifi days :/
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CDs only - as long as music is still being sold on disks (or any other physical volume), I will continue to buy and use them (except for portable use). A file list on a pc isn't half as appealing as a CD rack...


As for digital formats; whatever they come in after being ripped and spread by pirates.

I have never bought a digital album, not even rare releases that have been out of print for ages, but widely available through online sellers of digital albums. I'd rather have an "illegal" copy, while searching for the real thing because the rewarding thrill and excitement when tracking down and finally receiving the disc is definitely worth it.
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90% FLAC, 10% APE. With the QB-9, 100% awesome
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Vinyl 98%
CD 2%

FLAC ( a mix of 16/44 and 24/96 ) 100%...as i have both vinyl and CD rips....
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I selected '256-320 kbps' but have over 2000 CD's that I still listen directly from. For computer listening, at least, the goal would be to stick to this bitrate. I cannot tell between this and lossless/FLAC/wav, no matter how hard I try.
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CD-->WAV file
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This is completely off topic, but I always laugh a bit at your username, because in Dutch, it's the green, yucky stuff in your nose.

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