What do you think Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics
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Apr 25, 2008
Dear All, have you watched Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics? What do you think of it?
For me, I think it's great, I am deeply moved by it!
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But what do you think? Your opinion will be thankful!
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I didn't see it live, and was going to watch a replay until I saw they kicked out someone with a Tibetan flag. I'll likely just check the scoreboard now and again this go-round.
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Politics aside I thought it was amazing. I was truly captivated for a large portion of it and I didn't think I was going to watch it at all. That being said, I thought the torch lighting was a little anti-climactic.
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Originally Posted by warpdriver /img/forum/go_quote.gif
It was EPIC

I think it was a bit too epic!..
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Overall I liked it but as with all opening ceremonies, without the commentators you would not understand what was going on. Did they really need the "cheerleaders" on the side as the athletes walked in, and what happened to Sarah Brightman's face?
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Honestly I think opening ceremonies are a flashy waste of money that accomplishes nothing. The Olympics are not supposed to be about flash, pomp and massive glowing spheres with people running around them. I've watched parts of every opening since I was old enough to comprehend what was going on, but I just haven't seen one I liked. I enjoy seeing all of the athletes, especially the smaller countries.
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Garish overkill in my view. Should have spent the money building homes for all the dispossessed senior citizens now wandering the countryside. Completely gross.

I watched for 10 minutes. And politics aside, someone should have tossed out Costas and his gang of babbling idiots. We need commentators for the opening ceremonies? Total joke.

Sure. it's easy to "put on a show" when you have eight years of slave labor and unlimited funds to do it with. In that context, it was no real accomplishment. Just over the top nationalism. Sorry, but China is still China when it comes to human rights.

Dump the opening ceremonies...let the athletes be the focus, not the pyrotechnics.

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