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What closed headphone under 500 has the most mid-range and bass equal levels?

    What closed headphone under $500 has the most amount of mid-range and bass on an even scale getting the most out of mid-range and bass while not cancelling each other out?
  2. Rhamnetin
    Extremely subjective question but my vote goes to a used ZMF Blackwood (or better yet used ZMF Ori if you can find one for that price). Not only does it do just what you describe, the bass quality is some of the best of any planar magnetic headphone, only bested by Audeze, and the bass extends down to around 10 Hz. Gorgeous lush mids too. The Blackwood also has customizable sound via 3 bass ports on each cup that can be plugged/unplugged, which drastically alters the sound.
  3. rredge
    I don’t understand this question as a matter of ordinary English, but the Beoplay H6 (first generation) works just fine.

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