What book are you reading right now?
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Recently, I have read The Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks, which is a superb, insightful and unsentimental evocation of growing up working a farm in the Lake District.
Then, The First and the Last by Adolf Galland, which starts with his early Luftwaffe career in the Spanish Civil War and ends with him setting fire to his grounded squadron of jet fighters as the Allies closed in on his Salzburg airstrip. In between those times, he was made the youngest General in the German armed forces and had many face-to-face meetings with Hitler and Goering. A detailed and cool-headed view of the conflict from a fighter ace's perspective, and he makes very clear his opinions of what each side of the war in Europe did right and wrong tactically. Fascinating.
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Last two books:


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Rarely do I outright slam a book, however in this case the head scratching became just too much. I had hoped for a definitive and non aggrandizing account of Beurling's career and perhaps a little more insight into the man. What little insight there is in this one is salted so deep into endless sterile after action reports that one may as well have set themselves in the national archives and read them directly. Mired further by the authors stubborn insistence in regurgitating minutiae such as parent services of pilots at every mention of their name and tail numbers of every bloody aircraft, it becomes a painful read that would put the most avid aviation enthusiast to sleep.
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Michael Herr - Dispatches
great writing , great book

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They say there's a big difference on the story of the book than in the story as a series. Since Game of Thrones is really trending because of the exciting scenes and unpredictable happenings. I decided to buy the book one to see which is much better. And right now, I am reading the Book 1. So far, so good!!!
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I'm currently reading a P.J.O'Rourke compilation Thrown under the Omnibus which was offered cheap as a Kindle download. He's a writer with very uneven output as regards quality and humour, so a 'best of' like this is not a bad way to experience his particular take on things.

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