What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Nils Kugelmann - Stormy Beauty (2023 ACT)

A young German bassist and composer, member of Jazzrausch Bigband. Now his debut as a trio leader. Quite a mature compositions from start to end, easy flowing, but building emotions. Listening second time and will come back for sure.
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Back to one of my favourite metal albums, spinning for the first time on my Pro-Ject Debut PRO. Rick Rubin's production never cease to amaze me.
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Listening to some Soen on the Aful P8’s. After a month I still feel that these are the best I’ve heard in a headphone/IEM.
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This is such a beautiful/brilliant piece of music. With my eyes closed when I listen to it, it takes me to the other world. McLaughlin is god-level guitarist. Try listening to the whole album, it’s just incredible.

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Okay here goes day 2:

The first concert I visited was done by Hamilton De Holanda and his band. Really awesome stuff, traditional brasilian music mixed with elements of modern fusion:

After that, Pamela Badjogo:

A nice concert, that had some technical difficulties unfortunately. I almost always wear ear protection, crucial for every festival or gig for me.

The concert after that was swapped out, so I had some free time. There are many food stands around and much to try. I don't take that many photos, so I don't really have any :D maybe I'll remember to take some today.

Now for the highlight of the day: PoiL Ueda
A french prog Band collaborating with a traditional japanese musician to form something that I have never heard before. An astounding effort and very well worth listening to if you are into prog music in any way. The first part of their musical tales is already available on bandcamp:

Afterwards, Gangar were playing. They sounded great from afar, but I had enough of standing in big crowds for the day.

Anyway, today will be another exciting day full of music! :) I do miss the comforts of my home already though :D another two full days to cover, thanks for reading!
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A golden oldie. One of the earlier HIP performance of Haydn symphonies. I would have thought that by now it would have been surpassed by newer releases.
I have listened to recordings of the Freiburger Barockorchester and the most recent ones of Il Giardino Armonico, but I prefer Pinnock overall.
Il Giardino Armonico plays with more gusto and sharp dynamic accents, but it doesn't always fit the music well. I sometimes get the sense that they just put their trademark Il Giardino Armonico stamp on it, the one they invented in their Vivaldi recordings (which worked for that composer).
To my ears Haydn symphonies need some elegance and refinement and with this I don't mean measured, square and dull. but a bit more polish than many current ensembles, that like to play everything like it is a Vivaldi concerto. Not that Il Giardino Armonico lacks refinement, but they exaggerate dynamics and attacks to the point that it becomes a mannerism. Still I admire them greatly.
It also could be that I am bit tired to hear pre-romantic repertoire played in the exact same fast, exiting and dynamic way. Pinnock is 'duller' in a good way.
That 80's Archiv/DG sound is marvelous. True, rather produced, it lacks the naturalness of say Harmonia Mundi at that time (who incorporated a bit more of the actual room acoustics in their recordings), but it has a nice stereo image, is clear, polished and full bodied.

I always look forward to new releases in the Haydn 2032 series tbh.

But there is another cycle in the make I like no less maybe even better... There are ~15-20 volumes available to date.

Also like the - from todays perspective maybe a little old-fashioned - non-complete cycle from these guys
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