What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Animal Collective   Cobwebs

Miles Davis My Funny Valentine (live)

Bill Withers   Lean on Me (live)
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[size=small]Cars[/size][size=small] - [/size][size=small]Candy-O[/size]


Cleanly recorded with great separation, a production marvel for the genre , as well as a great library of works !
RIP Ben Orr , a true artist lost to pacreatic cancer @ 47 . 
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Soular Order's free releases have left me pretty cold for the most part, but this is GOOD! Glad I checked it out. 


http://ubiktune.bandcamp.com/album/nes-jams (FREE!)

This was a true find; I had to order the CD immediately. I challenge every chiptune fan to listen to the first track and tell me it doesn't tickle your ears just the right way.
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Kraftwerk - Computer World
There's something about this that makes me laugh.
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Stomping Grounds (Live)
The bass guitar tone is awesome.

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