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What are you listening to _right now_?

Discussion in 'Music' started by ramtha604, Dec 23, 2002.
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  1. Ramtha604
    "Neuromotor - **** the DAT Mafia Trance XPress"

    Nice pounding psychedelic trance... definite dance floor material.
  2. ooheadsoo
    Stan Kenton's West Side Story
    Count Basie and the Kansas City Seven
    Bela Fleck Greatest Hits
    Juuni Kokki OST

    On my 580s off a soundcard without an amp :\
  3. austonia Contributor
    ME :

    (DJ) Sven Vath "An Accident in Paradise"
    (right click, save as)

    Nomad 3 > Porta Corda > DT931
  4. Flasken
    Halfway through smashing pumkins -> mellon collie -> Bodies

    DT-250 out of a D-ej925
  5. ian
    Rolling Stones - No Security listening to the song "Gimme Shelter".

    Out of my laptop with my new Bose Triports. Yes, don't laugh, my Uncle just got them for me for Christmas. They aren't as bad as everyone makes them out, and _very_ comfortable. They will be great for plane rides (I spend a lot of time on planes).
  6. gloco
    "Bartender" by the Dave Matthews Band 12.20.02 show taped by Maler thru my pc. SB Live.cambridge soundworks FPS2000
  7. andrzejpw
    Some trance that my friend showed me: Sandstorm, by Darude, on FPS1800 computer speakers.
  8. DarkWolf
    random play list of new music > chicks on speed > Terratec DMX 6-Fire > Klipsch 4.1 PM. (modded) Not what I usualy listen to, since it's all new, but I like a lot of it so far.
  9. Trounce
    Jethro Tull - Stand Up

    Teac Z500-->Creek 5050--> HD590
  10. daycart1 Contributor
    Beethoven's Waldstein Sonata played by Garrick Ohlsson. I'm using the cablebox setup shown in my sig below.[​IMG]
  11. baker1369
    "The Stone" by Dave Matthews on the Charlie Rose Show on laptop speakers [​IMG]
  12. lan
    Guns n Roses - Welcome to the Jungle (live somewhere).

    Panasonic SD-SV80 -> SONY EX70s

    Went outside to library and bank and doing laundry.
  13. Spad
    Kind of an unusual day, but I'm listening to Diana Krall's "Live In Paris" DVD and Bach's Brandenburg Concertos (Frieburg Baroque Orchestra) DVD. Both are DD 5.1 versions. I'm watching them on a 65-inch Pioneer projector while listening via a Yamaha Silent Cinema headphone out over CD3Ks.

    Fantabulous! [​IMG]

  14. Hirsch
    Golden Palominos "Visions of Excess".

    Optimus CD-3400->Silver Sonic BL-1->Grado HPA-1->Grado RS-1
  15. bangraman Contributor
    Musicmatch has just flipped over to Dannii Minogue "Put the Needle On it". I've got the CD1700 on and I've just tweaked the bass a quarter-turn on the Soundcraft Spirit SX.

    Oh yes.

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