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What’s everyone using for desktop speakers?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by big45-70, May 4, 2018.
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  1. big45-70
    I was just thinking about how most of us run a good set of speakers to compliment our headphones or vice versa but there isn’t much chatter about It on here.

    I ordered a set of Vanatoo T0’s to go run along side my gaming/music rig and I’ll throw up some pics when I get it all set up.

    What’s everyone running for the desktop speaker setups?
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I only use speakers when it's too hot to wear headphones or IEMs so I didn't spend much. Plugged these into my desktop multi-USB charger too instead of my laptop's USB port (audio signal comes from my DAC; it doesn't have one built in). Have to cut a wide swath from around 2000hz to 7000hz but otherwise they even have enough bass, although my desk has shelving that effecitvely makes it like putting speakers closer to the corners of a room.

  3. zept0sec
    I am still using an old pair of Klipsch ProMedias. Been thinking about a set of Audioengine speakers.
  4. BrightCandle
    I have a pair of AudioEngine A5+'s which I am pretty happy with.
  5. genclaymore
    For years I been using an pair of JBL LSR 305's, Which I been enjoying with my Jotunheim.
  6. dwinnert
    The speakers built into my left monitor. :ksc75smile: I only use them to listen to voicemails when needed. I generally only have my headphones on. But I would love these mini Magnepan's.
  7. MisterMudd
    Emotiva Airmotiv S4's. Man, they play hard and good! Been 2 years now, and they will never go anywhere. The JBL mentioned
    above is good also.
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  8. Dogmatrix
    I use a single Beoplay S3 , they were never very popular in spite of being an excellent speaker .
    They can be found at a fraction of rrp
  9. raccoon city
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
  10. superfluke
    I only use speakers when watching movies on my PC with friends/family or when it's really hot so I used to just have a cheap logitech set, but I found a pretty nice Onkyo 5.1 setup with a receiver at a thrift store for super cheap.
  11. drews
    Emotiva Airmotiv 4S... I can't imagine what I'd replace them with if they stopped working...
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  12. big45-70
    Here's my latest desktop setup. Vanatoo T0's and they sound fantastic[​IMG] .
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  13. Monsterzero
    Focal Aria 905s
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  14. MisterMudd
    Looks great also!
  15. luckybaer
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