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Shouldn't people who have actually READ the Watchmen know what captures the themes and overall mood of the book better than someone who doesn't but happens to be extremely educated on the nuances of the Wikipedia article?

I have read the novel actually....

Yes the ending was changed however all the themes presented in the novel's ending are maintained in the movie's. As I said, the movie is as faithful as it could be in the running time... and this isn't even counting the director's cut.

Compared to just about every comic to movie adaptation I have seen this stands out as being most faithful to the source material... hell it almost seems as though it was copied and pasted to film. This is not like V for Vendetta or anything...
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Even though the ending was changed and some things were left out because of time constraints I feel it was an excellent adaptation.. can't wait for the extended version and Black Freighter dvds.

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