WARNING: tubes.siberian-shop.com Problem solved
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Jun 16, 2008
I ordered an Tube from these folks and it arrived as promised but after having the tube for a couple of days I noticed it is humming.

Replacement Tube received, the Right channel is noisy. DONT DO BUISNESS WITH THESE PEOPLE, THEY DONT EVEN TEST THE TUBES.


FYI: Shipping from Russia took one month to reach me here in Virginia.

Thanks Again to Mr. Nickolay Belous FOR NOTHING BUT WASTED TIME AND MONEY!!!
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Is there another reliable supplier for Russian Tubes?
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I have ordered some from a person on eBay who seems to have a lot of Russian and German electronic parts. I think after this mess I will wait to open my big mouth as to how it goes.

Short version is yes, they are on eBay but the price is much higher than the Siberian Shop.

I still think its the nicest tube I have had. We will see how it stands up to the Siemens 5814A in the long term. You really cant go wrong with either tube.
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Omg, that's ugly.
They should replace your tube since it obviously isn't working properly. Keep spamming them.
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Oh I will never ever, really NEVER buy from tubes.siberian-shop if this is what their service is about!
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I honestly didnt realize it was really in Russia when I ordered it,,,LOL Then I got a plastic pocket in the mail one day and my wife said "Did you order something from Russia?" One thing that was interesting wasw they could ship the tube through the Russian post office for 5.5 bucks to me here in DC and then people charge so much for Conus on eBay.

I guess our money goes a long way over there.
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Hello Brook and all other.

I am owner of Siberian-shop, Electronic tubes, ICs, capacitors and sockets

Can agree with problem about some ECC82.

Sorry for it, supplers who sell tubes me not always fairly.

I also have problem with with two buyers about ECC82 - Off course for all bad ECC82 - I offer free replace, if possible or FULL refund, if tubes out of


We add feedback system only some times ago.

And not all buyers left any feedbacks.

Why it is moderated? It is easy - anybody (include and not buyers) can add any trash messages like "f&cking idiots " or same...

Hope this message fixed any misunderstanding?

Thank you.

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p.s. about shipping prices

You know what PayPal not worked for receiving money in Russia?

For work We use intermediary services in USA and pay for each transaction 5% + PayPal fees (3....7% - rates various - if buyer from USA - costs low, if from Japan - higher ) + fees for withdraw funds to Russia. If deal on eBay + eBay fees (7....15% - various - by items final prices. Final fees + insertion fees).
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If the vendor makes it right, that's all you can expect. Stand up vendor to respond. We have seen much worse.

Olblueyez, will you try again with said vendor if they square with you?
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Originally Posted by Happy Camper /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If the vendor makes it right, that's all you can expect. Stand up vendor to respond. We have seen much worse.

I agree.

Olblueyez, will you try again with said vendor if they square with you?

Sure, why not.


Originally Posted by Stevesebastianb /img/forum/go_quote.gif
OBE, I hope that you can square things up with them. They seem to want to make things right.

Good luck!


I feel the same way. I thought it was neat to get tubes from Russia but lack of response after the fact sent up some red flags. I would much rather fix this and continue to recommend them as a seller.

How about this as a solution?

The tube I purchased is no longer in stock and was 15 dollars. How about if I give you another 10 dollars and you send me this Tesla tube that retails for 25 bucks.

ECC82 (12AU7) TESLA (NOT JJ) OLD AF-Twin triode Tube, Vintage [ECC82-TESLA] - $25.00 : Siberian-shop, Electronic tubes, ICs, capacitors and sockets

That sound fair?
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I hope you are getting your issue resolved, OBE. Looks like maybe? Please keep us posted.
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Thanks for the warning!
That don't see right, so better stay clear. We can always hope they resolve your issues.

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