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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. peter123

    There's a possibility it won't. Fwiw I'm listening to the LZ A4 triple hybrids with the Walnut right now and although the BA's sounds slightly toned down it still sounds pretty damn good to my ears (and I went straight from listening to them from the balanced output on the Opus #1). That being said hybrids and multi BA's will probably be a hit or miss with it.....
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  2. peter123
    I also had some bad connections with one of my cables so I opened up the hood to fix it (thanks to bigbro for the picture and explanation how to do it). While I was at it I tried out the Muses 8820 and Burson V5i op amps as well. After listening for a while I decided to leave the V5i in the Walnut while I preferred the stock NE5532 over the 8820. I'll use the Burson for a few days and then change back to the NE5532 again and see how I feel.
  3. vapman
    I think he, like i, can't imagine how our lives would go on without any more Walnuts
    Only you can tell us that. At least one person is using hybrid IEMs lots of people freaked ouit whenether it'd work or not, and it was just fine.
    when I had BA IEM's (been almost a year since then) I would intentionally run them thru high impedance adapters to tame the treble i liked the sound more. Just assume if you LOVE BA's and you LOVE treble extension up to 60000000kHz then maybe this isn't your -ideal player-. but that doesn't mean you can't use it as a DAP and run a (less powerful but near 0 resistance) amp out of it.
    Literarlly everyone but BA, and only BA owners are having a problem with this output impedance spec, (the other problems being loose 3.5mm jacks WHICH a fix has been posted for) and everyone else is rocking their socks off. Aren't BA's just the latest trend anyway in cheap China gear? [​IMG][​IMG] They'll go away eventually :wink:
  4. vapman
    I did this exact thing and switched back after a couple weeks. I will hold off on blabbing my thoughts about it so you can post what you really think :)
  5. jpciii
    Seems the forum software prohibits me.
    Inserting an image gives me this: "Your account does not have the required permissions to access this page."
    Hosting it myself is only showing a link, atm. Maybe a moderator can fix it...
  6. Frederick Wang
    Cable is easy to replace, but the shell is equally easy to break due to its irregular shape, done that :p
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  7. macky112

    Gotcha, but I am new to this impedance matching, could you advise what signs I should be looking for? And what is the worse that can happen to a hybrid iem due to impedance mismatch?

    I have a long list of cheap iem, I'll report back how they pair up with the 'nut XD

    I have, in chronological order:
    Meelectronics M6, then M9. then Monoprice 8320 then 8323. then Nuforce NE-600X. JVC HAFX-101. Xiaom piston 3 and kids edition then hybrid. JVC HAFX-102. Kz zs3. And I got Kz zst, e808+ and qian39 inc

    My 8320 is an oldie but goodie, and for my commuting I reach for the HAFX-102s for more boom boom

    edited due to that annoying iPhone auto-correct when typing model numbers >_<
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  8. vapman
    IF you are new to the whole impedance thing - my advice is don't let it bother you UNLESS it starts being clear that its' messing with your sound.
    And the only way you will know if something is "wrong" is if it sounds totally different than when you use it on a PC, phone, DAP, Game Boy, etc
    My reason for saying this is I never gave the slightest crap about impedance one way or another until I either had a player/headphones combo be way too quiet or otherwise improperly sounding.
    So if it sounds fine to you, don't sweat it. If someone here is using a crazy multi BA contraption you must realize those kind of headphones they doesn't know that headphones like that can't even be converted to balanced without the whole sound tuning going to crap - if not they may be in for an unpleasant surprise (walnut or not) [​IMG]
    Since I am sure almost 0% of people on this site exclusively own crazy BA multi configs from China (not exactly the pinnacle of what "Head-Fi" is about but i digress [​IMG] - not that most of those weren't free too [​IMG]
    My point is everyone who gets a walnut has access to one kind of dynamic driver headphone or another. Even still they are easily 90, 95 percent of the headphones in the world. and my other point is not to worry about the output resistance levels UNLESS your headphones sound nothing like they do on your other DAPs, amps, phone, whatever ( again - this won't even happen to anyone not using BA IEMS! stay with Dynamic Drivers, if nothing else, to keep all that extra sweat BA's make out of your ear)
    @macky112  I know you were not one of the BA afficiandos who were posting in the thread like their world was about to end, but I ended up going on a rant about BA's. None of it is to be taken personally [​IMG] 
  9. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    Appreciate it.

    Walnut sounds as good as my low OI sources with IT03 even though it's likely changing the FR, whatever its doing to the FR is tasteful to my ears so I'd like to see what this FR is! (although I have a pretty good idea of it anyway)
  10. macky112

    No worries.

    I never got into the sound of the xiaomi hybrid, and ordered kz zst hoping it can change my first impression of the hybrid design. But I am a basshead and love the budget JVC hafx -102. I think it's dual DD XD

    Edited because of iPhone auto-correct, GG
  11. kfarndog
    You know to be honest, the Monk + sounded good from the Walnut up to the point that I side by side compared it to some of the others like the Rose Masya.  That coming from someone who generally loves the Monks.  Interested in hearing your thoughts one some of the over ears.
  12. Decommo
    Just got Walnut V2 and the 8gb micro SD card with Chinese song works fine on this one. And I put my 64GB micro sim with WAV files and works great, too. :)
    By quickly comparing with Fiio M3, sound quality is noticeably better. It is well worth the money and more.
    I do not notice channel imbalance at low volume and only notice noise when turning power on/off. Sound quality is quite impressive... I have not tested amp function yet...
    I think that I read somewhere that it has shuffle and low/high gain function. Can anyone help me how to shuffle and control power gain? 
  13. iJay

    Glad you are enjoying Walnut! No shuffle. No power gain. You do have two ways to adjust PO volume, volume pot and next/prev long press will adjust digital volume to change range of vol pot. The best thing about Walnut is it auto-plays at exact spot that it was turned off. That makes this kit sooo enjoyable!
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  14. Decommo
    I see. I must got it wrong that it has shuffle function. I will use as it is. :)
  15. macky112

    I keep reading "Walnut resumes playing at the spot where it powered off". Why is this special?

    With my Ruizu x02, AGPTek M20 and Fiio x3ii, they power back (or at least wakes up from sleep mode) at the same spot and just press play and there you go again

    Am I missing something that's special about this feature on the 'nut?
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