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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    For people like me who get annoyed by boot times (looking at you FiiO) the instant on/off is so nice. While there are few players like you listed that can do it in sleep mode, can you actually turn them off, take out the microSD card, add music, and turn it back on and hit play?
  2. macky112

    Ah, gotcha, thanks!
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I feel like the walnut is not playing all my tracks, going to have to see if metadata is the culprit. Fyi, even if you remove SD card mid track, on re-insertion it starts playing from exactly where you left off to the second. I doubt other daps do that!
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  4. vapman
    I had a song that would not play - turned out the wav somehow got corrupted in conversion, reconverted from FLAC and it worked fine? Only happened once so far, and i rotate my music a lot.
  5. cingcut
    check microsd (include with walnut) before use.
    here result mine, kingston fake. 
  6. Romis
    Walnut sounds very good with Senns HD600 (300 ohms). As it was mentioned before, with BA`s it sounds not so good.
  7. dennisopk
    Any sound update on op amps rolling. Thinking of buying another walnut and start it, like I use to do on tubes. Any op amps recommendation other than those stated.
  8. iJay

    Coming from Alien and C3 - that is a great feature! :)
    With Alien it defaulted folder and volume so if you turned it off (or bumped it wrong) you had to start over.
    C3 at least remembered volume but went back to root when you turned it off. I have left it on pause for hours so I didn't have to re-navigate to a song. Luckily C3 has a great battery life.
    With Walnut not having folder-skip, if it didn't energize to the same spot it would be almost unusable (for me anyway).
  9. hakuzen
    i'd like to measure walnut + ibasso it03, but can't find them, i'm shivering of thinking they are lost, sigh.. will try to recover them in a few days.
    anyway, even unloaded (no phones connected), the roll-off at both sides is considerable, specially the highs roll-off (it's near -2dB at 10KHz and higher than -3.5dB at 15KHz, respect 1KHz level; line out is quite better, added its comparation to the graphs: http://www.head-fi.org/t/800208/the-rmaa-rightmark-audio-analyzer-source-and-audio-device-measurement-thread-measurements-in-post-3-tutorial-in-post-2/135#post_13107087 ); the unloaded bass roll-off is not so big, but gets aggravated due to the output coupling caps when connecting phones (the lower impedance, the higher bass roll-off).
    if you prefer this sound or you listen to music that has not low sub-bass nor high treble, then it's ok for you. i prefer flat extended sources, because you might find you can't recover the missing sounds after it. but guess you can't find a flat response (plus random play or folder access, like benjie s5 and similars) together with high power (walnut) at $25.
    you have to go 3x the price to get that flat sound, and not tiny coupling caps, together with reasonable power for iems and superb user interface (rockbox): xduoo x3, for example :wink:
  10. macky112
    And it makes sense if the 'nut is only going by the time stamps on the wav files. As adding/removing files only change the time stamps of the modified files. Smart implementation of working around its file handling limitations :wink:
  11. macky112
    Treble roll off is ok with me as long as the detail and separation and sound stage are not drastically affected. That bass is going to be missed tho...

    I'll check this against my fiio x3ii and see
  12. vapman
    Do you listen to music with extended sub bass dude? I would not give this player the slightest time of day if it lacked sub bass. I owned the X3 for a long time and even with the EQ on rockbox all the way up it's still got nothing on the Walnut.
    I did see your measurements and even added them to my FAQ but to say this player doesn't have sub bass is not only 100% misleading but I put it on my pride as a true basshead that I rec this player in the first place.
    Also people who I respect very much like @T.R.A.N.C.E. who got their walnut before I even got my first one are bass fanatics too and one of their initial impressions on this player was its bass power. Measurements and your ears do not always show exactly identical results.
    Go to the first page and check the vid of the Walnut making the SZ2000 rattle paper with sub bass alone
    so please do not give people like poor @macky112 the impression they are gonna get a bass anemic player.... seriously I will not touch the X3 or most other DAPs because they can't compete in bass.
    Where the Walnut -does- fall short is during subwoofer test tracks but you can tell there is a "built in" bass boost because frequencies under 60hz @ -2 to 0dB (a lot louder than you might imagine) will distort but if you aren't listening to subwoofer test tracks you won't experience this.
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  13. vapman
    OPA2134 if you want less bass but more airy sound but borders on lifeless
    JRC 2114D for people who want a smoother overall sound, more emphasis on upper mids and treble, a bit less bass but still an energetic sound
    edit: People who like their walnut but want a more linear & airy sound signature and aren't bassheads. Go throw a OPA2134 in your Walnut. You will thank me
    edit 2: Just wanted to emphasize the bass power of this player, I'm using the JRC in one  of my Walnuts now, I'm listening to Barrington Levy's "Here I Come" and my JVC SZ are RATTLING with sub bass. You can feel it. The bass is tangible. Show me another DAP that can push actual air.  Post a video of it and i'll admit defeat. [​IMG]
  14. groucho69
    From your page http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m17/jpciii/stereo/phones.jpg
  15. Ruben123

    I'm beginning top think my walnut isn't broken at all and I one Judy needs sensitive earphones for it. My Sansa Clip has about equal power, though an output imp of 0 ohms. Also folder nav, shuffle play, rockbox etc
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