VST wrapper that supports multichannel audio?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dmbr, Aug 14, 2015.
  1. jiiteepee
    ReLife VST is max 2 channel plugin so just one of it can't do surround (DD and DTS are compressed formats delivered through stereo path but wouldn't it be a mess use ReLife for these formats).
    In my example is shown a method to use ReLife with 7.1 surround audio by inserting ReLife per channel (can be as per channel pair as well), so, for 8 channel audio you use four or eight ReLife plug-ins.
    Your DSP order would be FreeSurround -> VST Wrapper (MUX, n x ReLife, other VST's if needed) -> OOYH?
  2. jiiteepee
  3. musicreo
    Is there any freeware dsp that can do that ( free alternative to MUX )?
  4. jiiteepee
    I have not checked what all the ImageLine MiniHost Modular (mentioned in one of my posts in this thread) can do. It's beta and maybe freeware (registration needed before you can download it). Few years ago there were couple freeware but dunno if those work anymore (least energyXTE didn't work properly). You could check the KVR plug-in database for other alternatives.
    Is there any alternative to Foobar's FreeSurround in VST 64bit format? I'd like to upmix stereo using Equalizer APO.

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