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VST wrapper that supports multichannel audio?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dmbr, Aug 14, 2015.
  1. dmbr
    Are there any VST wrappers that support multichannel audio?

    Thanks :)
  2. jiiteepee
  3. dmbr
    I use foobar with the FreeSurround component to upmix to 7.1 then output to the Out of Your Head virtual surround program for headphones.
  4. jiiteepee
  5. dmbr
  6. jiiteepee
    Hmm... can't the wrapper be placed before those upmix and the other (assuming your music files are normal stereo recordings)?
  7. dmbr
    The VST I'm using (ReLife) is best applied at the end of the DSP chain :frowning2:
  8. jiiteepee
    Is that argument for DAW usage?
  9. musicreo
    The Foobar2000 VST 2.4  adapter supports multichannel VSt components. Under advanced settings in foobar you can set the number of maximum supported channels for the vst adapter (I think default is 6ch but 8ch is no problem).
    I guess your  VST-component "ReLife" is limited to stereo input/output?
  10. jiiteepee
    Yes, ReLife looks being nono/stereo type plug-in so, if OP wants to assign it to every 8 channels, a plug-in like energyXTE ( http://www.xt-hq.com/download/ ) could be used for to host the ReLife's (there are couple other of these but I can't recall the names...). This way the VST wrapper could probably be inserted between the two foobar2k components OP already uses.
    EDIT: Looks like the old energyXTE don't work properly anymore ...
    EDIT2: here are couple alternatives for eXTE (I have not tested these...):
    EDIT3: couple alternatives more :
  11. phoenixdogfan
    Of course you could solve your problems just by investing in JRiver which support both multichannel and vst plugin.  Iuse it w OOYH and get exceptionally fine results.
  12. jiiteepee
    Here's Foobar2000 playing stereo source files through FreeSurround component (set to output 7.1 surround audio). 
    Each channel is monitored using VoxengoSPAN VST which was inserted in Mutools MUX
    I used foo_vst to load the Mutools MUX.
    So, looks like it's possible to use ReLife VST for stereo pairs or mono channels of surround sound in foobar2k setup.  Dunno what  Out of Your Head does output so, maybe this 'stage' should be inserted before it.
  13. dmbr
    very interesting, thank you.

    But how does this show that ReLife can do surround, exactly? You're using a different VST effect, no?
  14. dmbr
    Awesome, thanks so much.
  15. dmbr
    Sorry, DAW?

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