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Vmoda Vibe vs Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro

  1. Batmitestar
    Hello All! This forum is a great source of information - thanks!
    Anyway, I am somewhere between casual and serious, so I am NOT super knowledgeable by any means. I found Vmoda Vibes an Amazon, "Refurbished" for $14. Since it was so cheap, I snatched them up. So far, so good, after burning in they sound ok, but not what I was hoping for. I am upgrading from stock Zune (120 gb) buds, which are surprisingly good, but obviously not the best ever.
    So does anyone have knowledge of "Fake" Vmoda's? The packaging seemed real and all the expected items were included (case, silicone and black buds, the little cord wrapper thingy).
    Since they were cheap and a little bit less than I was hoping for, I have let my fiance take "those pretty red earbuds you ordered" and used it as a reason to upgrade AGAIN. I took advantage of the killer deals on Logitechs site on the Ultimate Ears. I wanted the 10's, but they were sold out! So I went with the Triple.Fi 5 Pros.
    Finally here is my question: how much difference can I expect from the Vibes to the UE 5 Pro's?
    Thanks everyone and have a great day - LIVE WELL and SEIZE THE DAY!
  2. ASilva
    I don't think there are fake V-Modas out there. I have the Vibes and i think they are not that great, the sound is very muddy and the mids and highs are very recessed. The bass overpowers everything else making some music styles just unbearable to listen to. I think the price point of 14$ is ok on these, specially refurbs. I wouldn't pay more than 10$ for them considering everything else on the market on the sub 50$ range.
    So yeah, i would say that you should notice a HUGE difference between the vibes and UE 5 Pro
  3. HappyFi
    what are these killer deals of which you speak. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary on Logitech's site. edit: nvm, looks like it was a while back.
  4. Batmitestar

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