Vinyl + TT maintenance
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Oct 21, 2008
I will be receiving a Rega Planar 3 with an Elys cart soon. I'm also probably going to get the Cambridge 640p. What are some supplies that I should get to properly maintain a table and records? Some suggestions for websites on how to properly set up a table and maintain it would be nice as well. Thanks!
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Check for the manuals you need to set up your Rega. I had a Planar 3 for awhile and they're low maintenance and easy to set up. The Elys is a Rega cartridge, so you won't need to align it. Just use the mounting hardware and it should go on without trouble. You will need a scale to set the tracking weight, though. There are expensive ones, but I bought a Shure for about $20 that works fine and should serve your needs. Also pick up a level at the hardware store. Even a cheap one will work. You'll want to make sure your table is perfectly level.

You'll probably also want to install a new belt on your Rega. Those need to be replaced every year or so. They're reasonably priced and easy to install. No tools necessary - you just stretch it around the motor pulley and around the spindle. It's easy, you'll see when you get it.

Next, change the bearing oil. I like Mobil One 5W-20 synthetic. Yes, the same stuff you put in a car. One quart will last you for years. Just clean out the bearing with paper towels, etc. and fill it back up. You'll probably want to pull and check the bearing, too. If it shows wear or a flat spot. Bearings are cheap and easy to replace. You'll find a number of online sellers of Rega bearings or you can get one at your local machine shop. Take it in and they'll know the exact size you'll need and get one for you. Expensive alloys and ceramics are OK, but an ordinary bearing is just fine. They're $10-$20 or so.

Record maintenance is another matter. You can spend what you want on a record cleaning machine, but I still wash by hand in the sink. There are a number of methods and Google is your friend. Mostly, you want a clean record, and there are many ways to achieve that.

If you buy used records, be sure to put it in a clean sleeve after you clean it. Sleeves are cheap and there are many vendors. Rice paper sleeves, etc. are nice, but any clean, new one will be fine.

Also invest in a carbon fiber record cleaning brush. You'll want to gently brush each record before you play it and another quick brushing before you put it away. A stylus cleaning brush is also nice to have.

There's a lot more esoterica for all of this, but I think this will ge you happily spinning discs. I hope your vinyl experience is every bit as good as mine has been.

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