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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. DJScope
    Haha. Couldn't find a con so I thought I'd be funny.
  2. golov17
  3. yalper
    I'm very curious to know, if we can take the silicon "half in ear" part of my ancient sony mdr ed-21lp walkman earphone to monk earbuds, whether does it fit, and/or improve comfort and sound quality a bit... 
  4. satansmutt
    My Monks turned up in the UK today taking two and a half weeks to get here which is the second fastest delivery time ever for an Aliexpress order (an olympic silver medal is in the post).
    They are very good and not just for the price but very very very good full stop. VE you are fools and should have charged more for them!
    The Monks are a lot darker than my Baldoor E100s and the bass has more kick and more presence, E100s are more airy and have better treble. I have been listening to my E100s solid for the last month on my Ibasso DX90 so I am used to their sound but I will now listen to the Monks for a couple of weeks and then go back and see which I like best.
    I have bought 5 or 6 pairs of KZ iems and despite all the hype none so far sound as good as the Monks and E100s maybe I am just an earbud person at heart.
    Does anybody bother to burn in earbuds? do they need or improve with burn in?
  5. golov17
    10 h minimum recommended :fire::fire:
  6. mochill
    Should be $150:sunglasses:
  7. golov17
    Yea, Zen 2.0 :sob:
  8. waynes world
    I think that VE is very wise. Many people who would never have tried the Monks (let alone earbuds) will try them just because they are so cheap and it's nothing to lose. Then, they will be hooked on VE for life.
    nick n, RedTwilight and golov17 like this.
  9. RedJohn456

    VE recommends 10 hours for the Monk. And the I have the E100 as well. If you use the monk foamless or with a premium doughnut foam the treble sounds really good. Haven't touched the E100 in months at this point. I keep it as back up in case every single one of my headphones die together lol
  10. satansmutt
    Thanks for the replies about burn in time for the monks, i've got about 5 hours with them so far and they do sound even better although this could be brain burn in and just me getting used to a different sound signature. Still liking the extra bass kick compared to the Baldoors
  11. zhibli06
    It is not brain burn, the monk drive is customized designed from the core~ 
    therefore will require some burning to shine.
    I recommend 10 hours for those wanna get their money worth
    And then it will keep getting better. 
  12. rymd

    One more opinion. They're very close in overall quality and like others have said, Monk's got the lower end tilt while the E100 has more emphasized mids and highs. Monk makes E100's bass sound light and poorly extended, while E100 makes Monk's high end sound greatly rolled off. And so E100 can sound clearer and more detailed in the mids and highs, but also thin at times. And Monk can sound a bit thick at times with occasional bass bleed. E100 has a smaller soundstage and sounds more intimate. I'll prefer either depending on the music I'm listening to, and you really can't go wrong with either. Generally E100 for anything acoustic like guitars, and Monk for electronic/pop or whatever has bass. My preference is towards the Monk because I'm a sucker for good bass, and Monk's best-in-class bass is unmatched by any earbud I've heard priced lower than the Asura. It;s not close at all. Monk also sounds more like a baby Zen to me, which is the kind of sound I like. To me, the natural upgrade paths are Monk -> Zen and E100 -> Senn MX98x
    Same here about the KZs, I got the ED9 after reading all the acclaim in that forum thread. Both the Monk and E100 were way better. Don't worry about burning in the Monk regardless of what anyone says, even Lee. Just listen to it. It'll sound amazing at 0 hours, and it'll sound amazing at 100 hours.
    Btw thanks Lee for your generosity (?). A few months ago when I bought the Monk, I got two when I only paid for one. I thought it was a mistake since I already had the beta Asura, but apparently you just sent them out to every Zen purchaser for free?
    I already sent the extra Monk to my friend to try and convert him over [​IMG] and it looks like that was your intent all along. The Monk's just so good I have no problems using it every day (on the go) even though I have a Zen. 
  13. stilleh
    Just ordered me a pair. I just have to try them. My only concern is fit. I have laaaarge ears and want, ofc, secure and tight fit. Any earbudsleeves or hooks recommended?
  14. satansmutt
    So the reason they are so cheap is really a sneaky plan from VE for world domination, very cunning indeed[​IMG]
    waynes world likes this.
  15. golov17
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