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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. golov17
  2. DJScope
    Has anyone tried these before?
  3. jhii07
    Any comparison between the VE Monk vs Baldoor earbell?
  4. RedTwilight

    I can try that when both are a little more burnt in.
  5. RedJohn456

    I have both. Monk has a more richer and fuller midrange with much better bass control. The Baldoor has this annoying treble peak that makes my ear ring. 
    Monk >>>>>>> Baldoor imho
  6. golov17
    My Mrice e100 has a more balanced signature, than Baldoor e100, but Monk beats them both in convenience and sound clarity and price
  7. rggz
    I have both and I think E100 more "airy" with a good treble extension, primarily on 5-6kHz area making cymbals very fun and with good mids really good for vocals, I just can't use E100 without foams because treble will be too much for my ears, but with foams turn E100 more balanced.

    VE Monks are a bit darker on treble and more wide sound stage with a solid bass, for just $5 and ~$15 I think they're a bargain and you can buy both and have a lot fun. After listen these two cheaps boys I'm big curious how VE Zen 2.0 sounds, for I've reading Zen will be the next level from these buds!
  8. ForceMajeure
    Well, I have received my monks today. These are good, very good.
    For 8$ including shipping I can say that these are the best bang for your buck you might ever get in audio.
    First impressions using them with the red foams from laptop source and rockboxed sansa clip zip.
    Very good cable for the price solid and flexible, doesn't retain kinks, good strain relief with the straight plug (though I always prefer a 90deg angled plug), no cinch.
    The overall sound signature is neutral with an ever so slightly darkness to it. Solid bass response with tight punch when it is present in the recording, the bass is not bloated and it fills the gap in the Frequency response usually left with using earbuds that don't provide a tight seal. Midrange is leveled with bass and highs  though lack a bit of lows in authority (pitfall of any buds lacking tight seal). transition to high is good with no harsh sibilance. Treble extension is good, trebles are not splashy 
    Impressive wide soundstage with solid instrument separation. Sound lacks a bit of details and finesse in the mids but it is a 5$ earbud!!
    Better than my old blox m2c that lacked bass, reminded me of the chrome tingo ones at first but way better treble.
    These are the best buds I have heard to date, impressive sound from our guy Lee, realLEE :)
    I hope these doesn't get discontinued fast, cause they are the low budget bud saver in a case your in the need for one.
    Got me intrigued in what the higher tier VE products sound like.
    golov17 likes this.
  9. golov17
    Ohh, man.. VE Zen great buds.. :)
  10. RedTwilight
     Yea man.. after finally getting to hear them, I'm in love with them. Even my dad, who's a Hifi guy, also commented that they sounded excellent, and that was only running them off his PHONE. Galaxy S5 with volume maxed out. Imagine if you had a dedicated amp for it.. Was really reallydifficult to walk away from it haha.. But now I can't wait for the Zen 2.0. [​IMG]
  11. waynes world
    I agree. I haven't got mine yet, but I'm of the opinion that the Monks should NEVER be discontinued so that they can live on in perpetuity as budget king classics, like the Koss KSC75's.
  12. ForceMajeure
    I am sure you will appreciate the sound, I wasn't expecting too much from these I usually lower my expectation because of the hype, but this time it was nice to be surprised.
  13. waynes world
    Count on it to continue happening with the VE products (I can speak for the Zen 1.0, and I expect to be surprised yet again with the 2.0).
  14. RedTwilight
    The clear smoke-grey shells and beautiful wine red cable were already a pleasant surprise. [​IMG] 
    golov17 likes this.
  15. DangerClose
    Do these leak much?  
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