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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. DJScope

    Disclaimer: Please read the story before making judgement.

    I'd like to start by saying that before trying the Monk, I absolutely hated earbuds and thought that they are an outdated technology which has no place in today's market. I've tried numerous earbuds some that were over $300, and thought that they were all trash. Uncomfortable, sound atrocious, clunky, ugly, cheap looking and feeling too, are some of the reasons I had in mind.
    But please bare with me...
    Not the best of first impressions, I know.
    I got the VE Monk randomly with a review sample of the VE Duke IEM and the VE RUNABOUT portable amplifier. Inside the package was this very plain looking earbud which I didn't even look twice at. I simply picked up the ziplock bag it came in and lobbed it into a drawer, and never thought of it until today.
    So today, Im sitting around, in a curious mood, and remember that I've got them. Mind you that I didn't even know what they were called at that time. I asked @H20Fidelity (who has passed them onto me, as he had some misfortune and could not review them) and even he did not know what they were. So I decided to plug them into my desktop DAC (Audio-GD NFB15.32) and give them a listen, just for Schiits-n-giggles.
    As they settle in, I start to flick through track after track until I get to a live recording of "The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley".
    What I got is this wonderfully open, natural and organic sound signature with a very natural and effortless soundstage and imaging. Sound performance that I've not experienced before in an earbud.
    So then I went asking around. And to my absolutely surprise, I find out that these VE Monks are worth 5 freakin' dollars. $5?... $5?????
    This just might be the best value for money earphone/IEM/headphone that has been ever made. For $5, you cannot deny this statement. I own it! I'm actually considering going out and trademarking this statement. But seriously, this is absolute madness! (not Sparta)
    For those curious, more details on the VE website here: http://eng.52ve.cn/product.php?cm_id=205
    Just wanted to share my experience, and explain why I think a $5 earbud deserves to be on Head-Fi. 

    At this stage the only official seller of the VE Monks is here : Venture Electronics (AliExpress)

  2. HairyHeadMara
    Ordered them couple of days ago, should have them here in two weeks.
    DJScope likes this.
  3. waynes world
    Awesome! Can you say "Gateway drug to the VE Zens" lol?
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  4. mebaali
    I am not a big fan of earbuds and largely been an IEMs user. With whatever earbuds I have tried in the past (mostly el-cheapo ones), always had the issue of uncomfortable fit and need to crank up the volume very high to get a decent enough sound that still lacked the detail/clarity/bass of most of my IEMs. That's when I saw the VE thread and came to know about Monk. 
    It was kinda breath of fresh air (in terms of earbuds) for me. Monks have got Fantastic consumer friendly Sound (that rivals some of my more pricier IEMs) with a solid build quality. Have been using these intermittently over the last 2 weeks with Fiio X1 + NX1 combo. IMHO, Monks are an impressive piece of work that gives maximum price-performance ratio (BTW, I bought it from Aliexpress for under 9 US$ shipped) for a weary earbud consumer (like me). 
    DJScope likes this.
  5. peter123
    Thanks fot starting this thread!

    My experience with earbuds and the Monk is very similar to yours.

    I also got mine with the Duke and was curious so put them on and got lost in the music for hours before even getting to the Duke :wink:
    DJScope likes this.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    First, good on you for starting the thread, Igor!

    Second, if you think these are good, the Asura will surely astound you and the Zen will blow your freaking mind. Not kidding at all, either!

    Third, if you've got a 75 or 100 Ohm impedance adapter lying around, give them a try with Monk, hook them up to the Runabout or other amp, and see if it doesn't tighten up the bass and add a bit if sparkle up top.

    GO TEAM VE!!!
    DJScope likes this.
  7. DJScope
    Indeed! The build quality is top notch. Even if they were $30 they would still be amazing value.
    I was a bit scared of the backlash of starting this thread. Hence my long-winded story to justify such a audiophile-suicide action. I'm a terrified at what I've ventured into and a little birdy told me that I might be getting the Asura and Zen as well. 
    ev13wt and mebaali like this.
  8. nmatheis Contributor
    Something tells me you're going to be very happy with them. I was using the Zen with the Aune X1S. Dayum, was that a good combo!

    Who'd a thought earbuds + desktop DAC/Amp would induce eargasms :blink:
  9. DJScope
    Well to be completely honest, I think the Monks sound a little garbage using my phone. Once you put some power through them, they sound brilliant! 
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    You think Monk sound crap out of a phone, just wait for the 300Ohm Zen monsters :wink_face:

    Monk are one of those things every headfi'er should try!
  11. DJScope
    Read through this entire thread > realise how insane we sound! 
  12. mochill
    You guys are sane like me :laughing:,, we love VE products :laughing:
  13. peter123

    Insane but happy :wink:

    Beats sane and sad every time...
  14. Tobias89
    I whole-heartedly agree. I tried either earfonia's or RedTwilight's monk I think. My note3 couldn't power it properly, but once i tried it(via the hugo), its like......whaaatttttt?!?!?!?!?!?! And I immediately decided to get one.

    IMHO the monks is fully deserving of 5 stars. At its price, with its sonic performance it didnt make sense not to buy them.
  15. earfonia
    The Monk is not an ordinary earbud [​IMG]
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