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  1. AudioScream
    It's time to start this thread! I saw on the Cig-Fi thread that a bunch of you are into Vaping. So let's set it off, Here's mine vapenphones.jpg
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  2. nelamvr6
    Please excuse my ignorance, what is vaping?
  3. AudioScream
    Inhaling nicotine in water vapor instead of smoke, Much safer than smoking and tastes better.
  4. AudioScream
    Bump? Nobody?
  5. GSARider Contributor
    Haven't any pics, but yes...into vaping, stopped cigs about 18 months back. Using a Vamo at the moment.
  6. AudioScream
    Nice. It seems like I can never get a thread going. At least I know someone else does here.
  7. GSARider Contributor
    Not sure it's a huge lot better than cigs tbh, but it's certainly a lot cheaper and convenient...hoping to give it up too at some point....:D
  8. JWahl
    I've got a new Innokin iTaste SVD unit on the way and about 200ml of new liquid coming too.  I had a Joyetech EVic for a short time until it snapped in half in my pocket.  Getting by right now with a Vivi Nova on an eGo battery.  Here's a pic of the Innokin unit:
  9. paradoxper
    Where did you source yours? It seems as if the Innokin is out of stock.
  10. JWahl
    Ordered it from Myvaporstore.com a few day's ago.  Was supposed to be here today but I'll probably get it tomorrow.
  11. paradoxper
    Just put in an order tonight. They have absolutely fantastic CS. Thank you, JWahl.
  12. JWahl
    Not a problem.  Hopefully this one holds up a little better than my EVIC did.  The SVD certainly looks better built, and the novelty of all the features on the EVIC wore off quickly for me.  I almost pulled the trigger on a Provari but I was feeling frugal and got the SVD instead.
  13. audiojun
    Vaping makes me think about getting high-fi.
  14. paradoxper
    I read a really quality review of the SVD, which put me over the edge. The looks really sold me along with what seems to be
    a really solid Clearomizer. Will be replacing The Vamo.
  15. anetode
    Made a vape once. Never used it with tobacco though.
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