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v-moda vibes under 15 all over the place?

  1. AudioNoob
    I remember the v-moda hit back in the day, now all of them are on ebay going under 15, what gives? This is not the same plug from back when back I think. Got one with a diagonal plug, for running, will report back.
  2. sushibowl
    Are they real? If they are, thats a very nice price
  3. bakka
    I got vibe II for $20 two days ago,for its price it sounds great.
  4. AudioNoob
    I got it, burning it in with pink noise, out of the box, it was sibilant with a recessed midsection and lots of muddy bass. After a couple hours of burn in its sounding pretty ok for its price. The build quality seems pretty nice, the cable is a little tangle prone but manageable, not sure what to think about the 45 degree jack. The fit is pretty comfortable.
    i'll update once its fully burned in, I think they are pretty good for iems under 40, certainly not as good as pk-2s, but those have the advantage of larger drivers, delivering more forward music. Oh and these things are pretty hard to drive in comparison to other iems, my sansa clip maxes out at the regular voiume setting. 
    After couple hours of burn in they seem much more tame, bass is tighter. I am used to freq super.fi s and er4ps, so sibilance and muddy bass are things that I'll probably notice before anything else. 
    Higher-mids around the 6k mark are still a little too recessed for my taste, noticeable listening to sax and piano as it mutes the resonance/reverb. The recessiveness is pronounced by the unusually large soundstage, perhaps due to their semiopen design they deliver a wide bubble of sound; they are not particularly good at stereo imaging despite the wide stage (and I understand that these are all metaphors, not necessarily measurable). 3k is a little high, causing shrill high vocals (led zeppelin will pierce your drums). You can hear a lot of details with these, but that is common to most iems.
    Unfortunately, they don't even responds to their missing frequencies when equalized. I'm currently reviewing them on my Dac Destroyer, have also tried sansa clip and the first gen shuffle (which, if you dont know, is probably one of the best portable sources out there). It's best with the shuffle, tighter bass and less sibilance, though vocals are still recessed. It pairs better with my portable players, perhaps dac destroyer's warmer signature is not very synergetic.
  5. sulkoudai


    yes, theyre real
  6. david1978jp
    One ebyer has V-MODA Vibe Blush for $10 ( He has 22,000 feedback). He is legit.

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