1. Willbrooks22

    V-moda Vibe In-ear User Review

    The V-moda vibes are a relatively cheap portable headphone that works well with phones and portable media players, they come in different colours and have this strange wire that comes of at a funny angle from the jack.  They look good and have a fabric coated cord (idk what its called) rather...
  2. Angelopsaro

    V-moda Vibes for a cup of coffee :D

    Hello guys.. I have them for a long time but sitting alone for again months. They had been used for some times and didnt care them much to be honest... BUT.. i cleaned them thoroughly with perioxide solution and the shined!! Its the improved quality version so be sure they will last.. no...
  3. BrotherMovesOn

    Sennheiser CX400-B quick hit

    Just thought I'd share a few impressions really quick. I bought these more for their form factor than anything else. I wanted something not too expensive with good sound and a short cord that I could use with the Sony MW600 bluetooth headset receiver.   The pouch and cord wrap were nice...
  4. geoxile

    Buying replacement covers/tips for IEMs?

    Mainly looking for something to replace the ones that come with the Brainwavz M1 (because I lost most of them). Any thoughts on what to get? Most of head-fi seems to like Comply tips but they seem like a steep price just for tips, and for a $40 pair of IEMs no less. Alternative question, would...
  5. plywood99

    V-moda Vibes... The review is finished. (56k beware, big pics...)

    Hey all, Finally have the time to write my review of the V-moda Vibe iem earphones. I wanted to give them plenty of time and not rush the review. Listened to them now for quite a few hours during all times of the day and night, even sleeping with them for three nights to test comfort and get...
  6. DubHead

    Looking into buying a new pair of headphones.

    I am looking into buying a new set of headphones. I had the aviators for a bit but i returned them because of the massive sound leakage. I listen to a variety of music including classical, trance, dubstep, and power full choir songs. I plan to use them with my phone and my tablet to i don't...
  7. HydroTurtle

    Best All-Rounder IEM/ Earphone under $200?

    Title says it all.   I'm not exactly an expert on audiophile stuff btw. My V-Moda Vibe's broke after a year of use which was a good buy, I think, as they were purchased for only $20.  I loved them, but now its time to upgrade :D. I'd really love an earphone/ IEM that really stays in my...
  8. Tehwall

    Best earbuds under $20, maybe $30?

    I'm looking for a good pair of earbuds/IEM's for under $20. Must insulate sound, have good quality, be comfortable for listening to music for hours, and not bulge or look dorky.   Here's what I've been looking at so far: V-MODA Vibe JBuds J2 JVC HAFX67B Air Cushion   There's so...
  9. illissius

    Looking for good-sounding IEMs without driver flex

    Executive summary: I'm looking for IEMs in the $50-150 range with good bass (esp. sub-bass), good overall sound quality, good soundstage, and (this is the important bit) no, absolutely NO driver flex. Comfort is subjective, but that would be the other important criterium.   Background/story...
  10. Aznvamp

    V-Moda Vibe vs. Monster Turbines?

    So, I know there aren't very many Monster fans here, but I was wondering if anyone has tried both the Turbines and the Vibes and has an opinion on both. I've had the Vibes before and I thought they were great for the price ($20 shipped on eBay). I really like a good, strong bass. However, the...
  11. javyn

    Best headphone for sleeping

    Could someone recommend a good and comfortable headphone set for a newbie who wants something he can wear to bed? I sleep on my side so it makes things a little difficult...
  12. stavs16

    Torn between what to buy

    I'm looking to purchase a decent set of IEM's, around the 100 dollar price range, maybe 115 tops. I cant decide what to buy between the SHURE SE215, ULTIMATE EARS 500,V-MODA Vibes, and the klipsch S4. These are the only ones that I have looked at so far, and I cant decide what to buy. I am a big...
  13. oskarcaz

    V-moda vibes

    So i'm buying a new set of earphones for my friend, she loves listening to techno and having a strong bass an feelin like she's in the club. Well I was looking around and i'm not looking to spend more than around 50-75 for these earphones. I was thinking about the vibes but i heard they were not...
  14. cali141

    NuForce NE700X versus Fischer Audio Eterna, subject is electronic music

    After scanning the 146 IEM shootout thread for bassy, rumbling IEMs in the $75 range, I've settled upon these two. I tend to generally listen to electronic music (house, dnb, dubstep, glitch, ambient, etc.), but also listen to various other genres. Now, as far as I can tell from those reviews in...
  15. Smallville

    New IEMs/Headphones to complement my current ones?

    Hello guys. :) I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs or headphones that sound different from my current ones. I currently have a pair of Sony MDR-V6 for home use, ATH-ES7 and M11+ for portable use. I listen to mostly R&B but I listen to many other genres too, including electronic, some rock, and a...
  16. kujo709

    Need an IEM for electronica and house music!

    Hi, I'm looking for a great IEM for electronica, house, and dance music. Really something that will have full sounding bass with powerful mids and crisp his. I am willing to spend $150 and was thinking of getting UE triplefi 10s because a local store has them for $150 and I've heard rave...
  17. sevinku94

    Headphones on a budget

    So I don't really know that much about headphones but after a couple experiences with legitimately noise-isolating and decent sounding buds, I want a respectable pair.  I have a budget of about $50 or maybe more and I would prefer noise isolating IEMs but wouldn't mind a decent pair of over-ear...
  18. ericp10

    Uh-Oh!! is the founder of V-Moda Okay??

    Look what a little research (and some connections) can help you find. Draw your own conclusions....       http://www.wehodaily.com/2010/11/17/man-gun-fear-intruder-celeb-party-estate/
  19. quickslide

    Bassy IEM's for < $100

    Can you guys give me some advise on IEM's for under $100.   I listen to all kinds of music and it will be driven on an iPod Touch 3g.   I think bass is important.     Sennheiser CX300? V-moda vibes?
  20. morph2k4

    Triple Fi 10 - Is this a joke?

    I received my triple fi's today from the amazon deal.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this.  To put it bluntly, the sound quality is atrocious.  The triple fi sound substantially worse than the 20 dollar pair of v-modas I also ordered.  The bass response is impressive, but not...
  21. vegas825

    New headphones for a budding audiophile

    I am a little new to high end headphones but I am looking for a new pair of IEMs or full sized headphones. I already have a pair of V-Moda Vibes, which were my first pair besides Apple phones. I listen mainly to hip hop and house so I do like bass but mids and treble are also important. I don't...
  22. AudioNoob

    v-moda vibes under 15 all over the place?

    I remember the v-moda hit back in the day, now all of them are on ebay going under 15, what gives? This is not the same plug from back when back I think. Got one with a diagonal plug, for running, will report back.
  23. yearsofwisdom

    V Moda... VIbe/Faze/Bass Freq/Nero?SQ?

    Anybody have an info on the build, SQ and characteristics of those phones listed above? they are quite cheap on ebay and i would like a pair of durable phones to exercise/fool around in.
  24. normanio

    V-Moda earbud w/mic help

    Hello all. This is my first post on this forum and I'm excited to be a part of this common interest in life and this forum.  I need some help with a pair of V-Moda earbuds w/mic for my iphone.  From the start: 1) 1 earbud was constantly going in/out of sound 2)Post inspection, I narrowed it...
  25. TheGame21x

    V-Moda Vibe Retrospective

      A little over two months ago, I reviewed the V-Moda Vibe IEMs and gave them a somewhat unfavorable evaluation due to somewhat muddy, uncontrolled bass, a recessed midrange and only decently clear highs. I did mention that the Vibes benefitted from a good dedicated amp but, after using them...