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V-Moda earbud w/mic help

  1. normanio
    Hello all. This is my first post on this forum and I'm excited to be a part of this common interest in life and this forum.  I need some help with a pair of V-Moda earbuds w/mic for my iphone.  From the start:
    1) 1 earbud was constantly going in/out of sound
    2)Post inspection, I narrowed it down to a piece of fraying wire at a junction of two wires
    3)I researched online.  (sadly, not from head-fi)
    4) I decided to purchase/replace a 90 deg switchcraft jack since failure was common at the jack from the research done.
    5) I snipped the wires so now I have 3 wires (1 to each earbud and 1 to the headphone jack)
    6) I am at a standstill so I can research
    Now given I am at this point I am ready to proceed but I didn't want to be too impulsive.  I can solder but I am brought some different types of application with this wire that I have never worked with.  The wire is really thin and have a sort of threading intertwined within the fabric sheathing that houses both of these.  Now I'm asking you all if my assumptions are correct and then some.
    -prep the wire by scraping off the paint insulation so I have solderable copper and get correct heat shrink tubing and slide it on prior to soldering. 
    -I just cut off the threading and solder the copper?
    -the major junction was covered by some sort of metal cylinder covering.  How could I solder the three wires to form a smooth junction that is heat shrinkable?
    -There are two tabs on the 35HDRANN switchcraft jack. (1 thin,1 fat) which one is ground and what goes where from headphone wires-switchcraft?
    -It having an in-line mic, are there any concerns I should be aware of?
    I like these a lot because I can talk on them and they're decent earbuds.  Please help me and give some advice.

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