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V-Moda Crossfade LP/LP2 design flaw.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jsauer21, Apr 30, 2012.
  1. JSauer21
    I have had V-Moda Crossfade LP (Pearl White/Chrome) headphones for around 4 months now. I really liked them due to their durable design... or is it? These headphones are made of nearly all metal, other than one two spots on the inside of the headband towards the bottom. Both of them cracked on my headphones, and I have recently heard other people having the same problem.
    If you look towards the top left corner the plastic has completely chipped off and cracked around the screw in the picture below.
    On the other side the same thing is starting to happen. To the right of the right screw you will notice a crack in the picture below.
    Although this piece breaking on the headphone is not fatal, it is very dissapointing to me and it will effect the price if you're going to resell these headphones like me. Also, it does not live up to the durable design that V-Moda promisses.
    If anyone wants to purchase this pair of headphones (in U.S.) PM me a offer, or post it below. The only thing wrong with them is that piece of plastic, and I will include all of the acessories that came with it.
  2. DaBomb77766
    Hm, where did you get these from?  That problem was supposed to have been fixed ages ago...there are also a ton of fakes out there.
  3. JSauer21
    I got them on amazon, which usually is good at giving people authentic products, but I can see it being an old model on amazon. I'm just mad because I really want to sell these, but no one is going to want them now.
  4. DaBomb77766
    You should try contacting V-Moda support.  If these are in fact authentic and if you got them from a good reseller (did you get them from Amazon or one of the third-party resellers there?), they'll most likely replace them for you.
  5. JSauer21
  6. KG Jag
    I heard that this was a problem with these cans when I did some quick research on them upon finding them to be an Amazon Lightning Deal late last year.
  7. JSauer21
    I looked on V-Moda's website, and how to spot counterfeits. Mine seem legit, but since the price was so much lower before on amazon, it was most likely from a really old lot. I guess amazon is so cheap for a reason I recently bought another pair of headphones off amazon, so hopefully those will be okay.
  8. DaBomb77766
    I still strongly suggest you contact their customer support about it, they're usually pretty helpful with solving problems like this.
    yep, you can probably score a new pair if you are nice
  10. sonicspacewave
    Hey i have also had the same problem, i have had cracking on the plastic 'V' on the head band and on the 'Cans' 
  11. obada
    I am looking to buy the Rouge color of the v moda crossfade lp, do you guys think that this problem could still happen or is it fixed for sure. I want my headphones to last a good four years and I don't want any cracking.
  12. wolf087
    I just had this same thing happen to the second pair of V-Moda headphones I have owned. The first was the Original Crossfade LP a few years back and now it has happen to my Crossfade Wireless first gen headphones. Both pairs are the white and silver. Also I found it interesting that if the part containing the serial number is removed it will void the warranty. Well guess where the serial number is located on the newer crossfades? s-l1600-2 copy.png
  13. wolf087
  14. wolf087

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