Using SACD player with ADC (and DAC)
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Awesome. I've seen minimes for under $600. Check and

Or just get the src, but remember, ADC matters at least as much as DAC
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Valid points, but a) the HP's are Sennheiser HD650s which I doubt the Marantz would drive; and b) the HD650's have a Balanced SAA Equinox cable. I do not have a balanced to SE adaptor unfortunately. I can try with the stock cable and see how the Marantz drives the Senn's though

I'm very impressed by the way my SA8001 drives my HD600's when listening to SACD........the CKKIII provides more extension on top and goes lower, definitely more solid down low, but a bit leaner overall. It is a separate discrete module inside the player, so it shouldn't be all that bad.

FWIW, I can't stand the volume at more than 12 o'clock, so the SA8001 headamp definitely has enough voltage gain for the HD600's.
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Originally Posted by emmodad /img/forum/go_quote.gif
OPPO players can output native DSD over HDMI (but you need downstream equip w HDMI input or ability to strip DSD stream; then DSD decode: all of which are costly options unless you just happen to have spare Meitner, Mytek, dcs or Grimm DSD DACs laying around
, as well as other necessary hardware...)

However, OPPO (ie 980-H) also output on HDMI the following: DSD converted to PCM @ 24/88.2; DVD-A up to 24/192; and (YAY!) hardware-decoded HDCD @20/44.1

A perfectly functional system solution is: Oppo > HDMI breakout (Atlona, Gefen) > SPDIF coax or TOS > [ DAC, computer audio interface, etc. ]

if all you want is up to 24/96, Gefen has some products which work w TOS. For 24/192 capability, solution is Atlona using coax. There may be other switcher / converter / etc boxes introduced at recent CES....

Realize that an HDMI breakout (which converts HDMI > DVI and also provides dig audio output stream on SPDIF or TOS) must be connected to a downstream device which is powered on and is HDCP-compliant (ie sends back the appropriate handshake). This can be an HDTV with HDCP-compliant HDMI or DVI input, or HDfury attached to a projector or TV or computer monitor....

Similar solution works with PS3 HDMI output (which provides DSD converted to PCM @ 24/176.4).


You means the digital audio signal of PS3 from HDMI alreadfy pre-upsampling to 24/176.4? So if I want to use PS3 as a player, better extract digital signal from HDMI then feed to a 24/192 DAC, no need any upsampling DAC or outboard upsampler?
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Originally Posted by goldkenn /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You means the digital audio signal of PS3 from HDMI alreadfy pre-upsampling to 24/176.4? So if I want to use PS3 as a player, better extract digital signal from HDMI then feed to a 24/192 DAC, no need any upsampling DAC or outboard upsampler?

PS3 with latest firmware has several options for HDMI output wrt upsampling of CDs, and similar (some dither options) for PCM-converted output of SACD.

so yes, you can choose to have the PS3 perform CD upsampling from 16/44.1 to (several options).

but it's not automatically "better" to extract this signal from HDMI and use it: remember though that unless you are going directly with HDMI cable into a say a receiver with HDMI input, you now have a whole data transfer and conversion system of

PS3 HDMI output > HDMI cable > (possible converter box > possible cable) > DAC

the DAC may or may not perform as well in noise, distortion etc at higher sample rates: keep in mind that feeding a higher sample rate is not an automatic universal positive improvement for every DAC. It depends on how the entire DAC subsystem has been architected; operating point of particular DAC chips, clocking, filtering implementation, etc... there have been more than a few reviews etc noting that particular DACs seem subjectively to perform better at, say 88.2 or 96 than at 176.4 or 192.

an implementation example: a DAC often referred to on HF, the Benchmark DAC1, accepts input data at rates from 28kHz to 195kHz. The designers however found that optimal performance of their chosen DAC chip for best overall system performance tradeoff of the multiple variables of distortion, noise, filter accuracy, etc was around 110 kHz. So, all input data is sample-rate-converted to that frequency (inside the DAC1, before the actual DAC chip) and the DAC chip works at that specific sample rate. other manufacturers may or may not do similar things.

so again, it's a system; depending on the DAC you wish to use, and how its performance varies with sampling frequency, and how it is architected, you may do just fine by sending 16/44.1 data. or if your research and listening has convinced that a particular DAC operating at a rate of 88.2 or 176.4 is better, then yes you can consider the PS3 as a possibility for an upsampler.

getting it all to play nice at higher sample rates should not, but could, be an issue, depending on your particular equipment / cables involved. in other words, if you're really just looking at CD playback, and your DAC does upsample, easiest could be to send 16/44.1


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