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US Head-Fi Tour: Empire Ears Legend X vs. Phantom TOTL CIEM Tour - Starting November 2018

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  1. San Man
    79E75F5C-4FDE-4E32-97A6-B940F981C804.jpeg 8FB70C5B-CEC4-4D57-AB62-3BE4ADDA9C8A.jpeg Tour kit arrived today. Phantom seems to be in order (monitors, cable and bag of tips), but the LX kit is missing the bag of tips (no biggie to me).

    @ericr please pm me your info
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  2. Land-O-The-Free
    Thanks @San Man for the prompt update! :)
  3. cellarbro

    Any chance to jump in on this tour?
  4. doctorjazz
    Oh, I missed that it started up again. I'm still in (was away on vacation early on, but I'm back a while and would like to be in the rotation, if I'm not already) Thanks!
  5. Devon Higgins
    The replacement adapters should be arriving with you today as well according to tracking info :thumbsup:
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  6. FangJoker
    Only one bag of tips was shipped to me. Where do I get placed in line now that the adapters are being sent out?
  7. San Man
    Got them in Devon, thanks!
    Devon Higgins likes this.
  8. FangJoker
    Do I get to be next in line since I didn't have the adapters?
  9. Barra
    Absolutely, PM'ing you now.
  10. Barra
    Update of the Update

    We are back in business, new adaptors received and the kit being shipped on.
  11. ericr
    Hi all,

    San Man pinged me and I have replied with my shipping address.

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear these headphones!

  12. San Man
    Shipped to ericr today
  13. ericr
    Tour Kit arrived today!

    I believe all is here. The two OEMs, two Effect Audio cables, two Effect Audio adapters, and a smaller collection of silicone tips. 20190304_225524.jpg
    San Man likes this.
  14. ericr
    Also, I have sent a PM to the next in line for the tour (Land-o-The-Free).
  15. FangJoker
    Where do I get placed now that there are adapters?
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