Upgrade from Sennheiser IE80 ?
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Oct 18, 2009
I want to upgrade my IE80 headphones. Something which can be driven well from smartphones / Shanling M0. Soundstage should be wide. Instrument separation should be good. I dont like shrill/sharp highs. Liquid mids is top priority.

Budget: 300 USD

Music I listen to:
Pop, Rock, Post-rock, Instrumental, Guitars

Music I dont listen to:
EDM, Trance, Dubstep, Heavy metal

What are some good options these days?
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Try the Sony N3AP if you have the chance.
Even if it sounds very good with EDM which is not the case for you, it has a better sub-bass, no such midbass hump as with the IE80, brings more clarity in the overall sound and better highs thanks to the BA driver but unlike other BAs, there are no aggressive peaks and no fatigue for long listening sessions.
Though, I wouldn't say this is a direct upgrade from the IE80 but it is in your budget with some improvements.
Regarding the Westone W series, be aware that you are coming from a dynamic driver and there will be a big difference especially for the bass, then timbre, tonality etc.
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I have a chance to audition IE400 pro and IE500 Pro from Sennheiser recently - I would say they are an adequate upgrade from your current IE80 :)
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Can you give more details about ie500 vs ie80?
Personally I find IE500 Pro too warm for me. Maybe IE400 Pro would be a more neutral choice but do note that both of the models are at the warmer side - which is rare in Sennheiser IEM.

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