Upgrade from Samsung Galaxy i9000 to a dedicated DAP
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Mar 21, 2015
I have been using a Koss Portapro along with i9000 (used as a dedicated player without a SIM) for years now. I once bought the m50x but had to sell it off as I found it a bit "less fun". I would be keeping the Portapros for now. As some of you might know the 1st Samsung Galaxy S had a Wolfson WM8994 chip which, apparently, is still one of the best as far as smartphones are concerned. The phone is dead now and I am looking for an upgrade. My maximum budget allows for Shanling M0. Is there anyone who has used the i9000 who can comment what would be a decent upgrade over that one. Or just someone who likes the Portapro signature can also suggest a DAP that pairs best with it in my budget.
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