1. amithjc

    Upgrade from Samsung Galaxy i9000 to a dedicated DAP

    I have been using a Koss Portapro along with i9000 (used as a dedicated player without a SIM) for years now. I once bought the m50x but had to sell it off as I found it a bit "less fun". I would be keeping the Portapros for now. As some of you might know the 1st Samsung Galaxy S had a Wolfson...
  2. P

    Koss Portapro amp tips

    Hello everyone! I am a new member in this forum, thank you for having me and I love what you guys are doing here! I am slowly coming into the audiophile world but by far can't call myself one. My first glimpse into this world was with Sennheiser px-100ii phones(loved them) and after these I got...
  3. DozerCSX

    For Halloween: Re-animating the JVC HA-RX330

    So, for Halloween, I decided to do a small audio project - to BRING the DEAD back to LIFE! Perhaps worse than dead, take a dull, lifeless sounding headphone and turn it into a real killer... The Victim: I found a clearance JVC HA-RX330 at my local Fry's for the undead price of $4.99! I snatched...
  4. Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    The new Koss Porta Pro® Wireless takes the legendary sound and the iconic design of the classic Koss Porta Pro® headphones, wireless. The Koss Design and Engineering teams collaborated to create the perfect wireless configuration using Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X to ensure the Porta Pro® Wireless...
  5. Abdulla Mehdi

    Koss PortaPro's or Sony MDR-XB550AP?

    They cost almost the same and I just wonder which one of them would you buy if you had my needs? So I'm looking for a pair of on ear headphones that I'll be able to use mainly at the gym but sometimes at the buss too. My priorities are: sound quality > Isolation > Comfort > Durability > sound...