Unique Melody Mage Review & Appreciation Thread
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Just got my Mage and my first impression is the sound is CRYSTAL CLEAR AND CLEAN (It's like you have wiped the glass with high-end glass cleaner). The fit was excellent. The build quality is DAMN GREAT!, no flaws, no bubbles, no defects, just pure customs. Going with the packaging, the packaging was well presented. You'll be greeted with the Unique Melody wrap and inside that would be the velvet case (If that's the material, bit confused). Inside, there would be your customs, warranty card and a paper weight with your model inside the paper weight.
Sound Impressions:
I can't still provide you yet with a detailed review for the mages (From my perspective) but I could provide you an out of the box impression. I have mentioned earlier that the clarity of the Mages are CRYSTAL CLEAR AND CLEAN. The mids are forward and lush. The lows are vivid and with a quick decay and attack. Quality wise the bass are excellent, quantity wise it is enough for me (since I'm not a bass lover). The highs are really apparent and accentuated with no sibilance presented. So far, the Mages are fantastic as for my 1st pair of customs.
THANKS to Unique Melody Philippines and Unique Melody Global.
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Rainman26, what colors are yours ? Can you provide a comparative initial review ?
I still have my miracles put in for burn-in before writing final impressions.
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Rainman26, what colors are yours ? Can you provide a comparative initial review ?
I still have my miracles put in for burn-in before writing final impressions.

I'll be posting pictures as soon as I get home. Yeah sure, I'll be posting a comprative intial review with my previous BA's. My design is Azure for the shell and tip with Titanium plates. I'm still on the process of 300-hour burn-in. 
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^^Elegant looking. I like that azure color and faceplate combo.
I noticed that you got custom cable. Where did you get one ? How does the sound spectrum changes switching between stock and custom cable ? Brief details about the same will be good enough.
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The cable is Whiplash TWag v2 OM. The distinct difference is that the TWag made the treble and bass extension greater. It made it more livelier taking into account that the Mage is already bright sounding. The stock cable is not dull sounding also but Whiplash made the music more enjoying and the notes were lively also. Get a whiplash cable too.
Thanks for the appreciation of my design.
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How would you all describe the bass of these things then.
Im after as little as possible really. Quite liked the flat signature of the RE262, although they were a little bit lacking. Needs to have some impact for drums but not to the point where it makes the guitars and vocals sound quiet. The frequency response seems relatively flat, its not like theres a massive V in there.
Listen to a lot of thrash metal so bass is something that can be interfering like in my UM3X. (I hate the UM3X, so much bass).
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I had IE80 and SE535LTD-J they was nice yet if i am going for Mage (640$) would this count as a leap? worth paying all of this? + the waiting for nearly 1 month and a half.

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