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Nov 12, 2004
Has anyone heard these cans? Based on the same technology as the hfi780 and hfi580. Wonder if these deliver some good sound

This would be a great spot to put all your thoughts about these cans or anything that helps relate to people how they sound
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I'll add the dj1 pro. I was confused with the ultrasoneusa site saying they have the same drivers as the dj1 but with removeable cabling and earcups. The weird thing is that the pros are rated at 64 ohm and the dj1s are 32. Same driver? maybe the site hasn't been updated? Whats the deal here?
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Several members have owned these, and have said they have a LOT of bass. I believe iQEM has owned them, you might PM him.
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I pm'd him just now. Wonder if he has the new ones with the s-logic plus. I'm also very interested in the pro model because of the replaceable parts. Wonder if they are surpassed in sound by the cheaper dj1 with s-logic plus though... After all, the s-logic plus is supposedly ed9 style tuning
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Looking at the dj1pros graph compared to the proline 2500s shows the dj1pro to be more like a Sennheiser 5xx and the 2500 more like a k701 in upper mids to mid treble response. Wonder if this reflects on how it sounds in reality

proline 2500

DJ1 Pro

Of course these are way more colored and extremely peaky. You will probably get what I mean if you look at the headroom graphs of k701 and hd555/595
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Note that on the bottom the peak is almost 20 dB lower than the top graph. This is related to volume that each was driven when during the test. At lower volumes you may get a different response curve with un-broken in drivers, not that they should be the same. Just that the bottom on is more handicapped since being ask to play at a lower level. This assumes that 0 dB is clipping.

The DJ1 is a favorite on the He&Bi web site. I don't know why or how they assign this to a particular headphone but there are several called favorite.
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the mids are playing at the same level though... anyway who knows what make the cans favorites. Probably a value rating you think?

I really like the 80's look of the dj1 pro. Based on looks, color matching with the ipod for portable use and the detachable parts, I would definitely buy the dj1 pros right away for portable and bang around use. The only thing thats holding me from the decision is a few questions on the top of my head
1. Is there a possibility that the new dj1 with s-logic plus sounds better since it was tuned with the ed9 style tuning?
Plus its Cheaper to boot and more sensitive. A whopping 104db!

2. Is the dj1 pro unsuitable for ipod use like the other pro/prolines? Looks like it's not a hard to drive can looking at the specs but then again the sensitivity specs on the hfi2200 and proline 2500 are not too far apart either but dexdexter said that the prolines sound bad on a portable device unlike the 2200s

hmm the confusion.
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check these out... talking about closed cans that measure ridiculously flat. This is the graph of the k181DJ. Wonder why these measure so well but are ignored. Do they sound almost as muddy as the k81 djs ? I wonder

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Just did some PMs to the mick and he says that the dj1s and dj1pros do still use the same drivers and are very ipod driveable. He says the biggest difference between the 2 having different enclosures is that the pro model will have a better soundstage. The dj1 pros look mighty tempting to me right now
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Beats me if you can understand this review translation but here it is anyway.....

DONSHARI treble from the sound quality. 低域の量はDJ用にしてはやや控え目だが一般的にみれば十分な量が出ているし、厚みで十分カバ ーしている。 DJ low for the amount of area that it is generally somewhat控え目but if we have a sufficient amount and the thickness is sufficient to cover. 中域はそれほど前に出てこないが、特に埋もれたりもしない。 In the area to get out before it is not so, and especially not buried. ただ、ソースによっては若干うわずった表現が気になることもある。 However, the source is represented by a little bit worried about cracked it. 高域は若干細めでかなり高く澄んでいて、鮮やか。 High range is slightly narrowed considerably higher in clear, and bright. ただし、audio-technicaやbeyerdynamicと比べて硬く芯の通った感じはしない。 However, audio technica-rigid core and beyerdynamic compared feel is not reasonable.
分解能はなかなか良い。 This is a very good resolution. 音場感はULTRASONE独特の癖はあるが、慣れればかなり広く非常に明確であることが分か る。 ULTRASONE sense of the sound field mannerisms, but fairly widely Custom reconciles to find that very clearly. 一般的な意味での原音忠実性はいまいちだが、原音の実体感といったものは強く感じられる。 Common sense is not the greatest fidelity to the original sound, tone and feeling of what the entity is strongly felt. エッジはややきついが、それほど聴き疲れしないレベル。 Edge is a little bit tight, but not so much listening fatigue level.
明るい音調で、非常に明瞭で鮮やかな音。 Intonation bright and very clear and vivid sound. 厚みも十分。 Thickness well. 非常に明るくテンションが高く、これに慣れると他のヘッドホンが暗くてノリが悪く感じられる。 Tension is high aflame, it is accustomed to headphones and other dark and enthusiasm felt bad. そういう意味では最高レベルの魅力を持っている。 That is the best way to have a level of charm. 温かみはいまいちだが、DJ用としてみるならむしろ好ましい。 Warmth is not the greatest, but if you try and DJ preferability. ヴォーカルは艶っぽいと言うより瑞々しいと言った方がしっくりくる。 Say from the tone-tinged vocals roaring Rui said it is comfortable with. 響きはややあっさりで切れが良く、こもり感はそれほど気にならない。 The sound is slightly better off with plain, muffled sensation is not so much to worry about. 多少の粗はあるが、それ以上の魅力があるためあまり気にならない。 There are some rough, but that's not very attractive because of worry.
弦楽器は自然さに欠けるのが難点。 Stringed instrument that is the drawback to the lack of natural. 金管楽器は芯がとおった表現で力強く好印象。 TOOTTA representation in the brass core is powerfully impressed. 打ち込み系の音の表現は非常にうまい。 Driving system is a very good representation of the sound. 低域は人によってはやや量が足りないように感じるかもしれないが、質は良いし、中域から高域にかけての鮮や かさは見事。 Depending on the region is rather low amount is not enough people feel it may be, is a good-quality, high-pass from the region in between is amazing vividness. この点についてはとても1万円台の機種とは思えない。 This very point about 10,000 yen, I do not think the model units. 打ち込み系の曲をメインに聴く人にとっては、コストパフォーマンスは最高レベル。 Driving to the main system to listen to music is the highest level of cost-effectiveness.

装着感 良好。 Seated feeling good. 側圧はやや強め、ヘッドバンドはクッションが付いておりあまり痛くない。 Slightly increases the lateral pressure, the headband and cushioned with a less painful. また、かなりずれにくい。 Also, very difficult to lag.
イヤーパッドは耳を覆うサイズで、上下左右に角度調節ができる。 IYAPADDO size of the ear covering the left and right vertical angle adjustable. 材質はシワが気になる安っぽい人工皮革。 Siwa is worrisome material is cheesy artificial leather.
HFI-650と同様、ヘッドバンドの長さ調節が固定できないのに加えて、調節位置がずれやすいため何度も着けたり 外したりする場合には調節が面倒。 HFI-650, as well as the length of headband regulation is not fixed, in addition to regulation is misaligned because many times when wearing or detached and the difficulty of regulation. また、首を左に傾けるとヘッドホン本体に接続したプラグとコードが肩に当たるのが気になる。 The tilt to the left neck and headphones connected to the plug body and shoulder code is a worrisome situation.

その他 遮音性及び音漏れ防止は良好。 Prevent leakage of sound insulation and other sound is good.
作りはともかくデザインは個性的で悪くない。 Making design is unique and not bad. 一見してPROlineシリーズほど安っぽくはない。 PROline Series seemingly on the cheap is not enough. 白と黒が基調のデザインで、分かりづらいが最外周はパールホワイト。 Black and white is the keynote in its design, is confusing is the Pearl White perimeter. タッチノイズがやや気になる。 TATCHINOIZU is somewhat worrisome. ヘッドホン本体側でもコードの着脱が可能、スイーベル機構、折りたたみ可能、カールコード。 Headphone detachable body side code is also available, SUIBERU mechanism, collapsible, Carl code. 付属のボリュームコントローラーは音量を下げすぎると片効きになったりするが、一応実用レベル 。 Volume is volume controller that came down to pull to one side or too, but supposedly practical level.
プラグは金メッキの標準プラグ。 Dore plug in a standard plug. コードの太さは約4mm、硬くて癖が付きやすく扱いづらい。 Code is about 4 mm in diameter, with tight it is easier stubborn habit.
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Here is their proline 750 comparison...

非常に良く似ている。 It's very similar. どちらもややドンシャリ。 Both DONSHARI slightly. 若干DJ1 PROの方が高音よりに感じるが、違いは微妙。 DJ1 PRO slightly more than treble to feel the difference is subtle. 分解能、音場感、原音忠実性はほぼ互角。 Resolution, a sense of sound field, the faithful are about even tone. どちらもややエッジがきつく聴き疲れする。 Both are rather tired of listening to the edges tightly. 明瞭さは若干DJ1 PROの方が上、音の鮮やかさ、厚み、密度はほぼ互角。 DJ1 PRO is clearly little more on the vividness of sound, thickness, density is about even. 温かみ、ヴォーカルの艶っぽさはPROline750の方が若干良い。 Warm, beautiful vocals of PROline750 influences are slightly better. どちらもノリの良さと繊細さを併せ持っているが、若干DJ1 PROの方がスピード感があるように感じる。 Both good rhythm and sensitivity to併せ持っ, it is slightly more DJ1 PRO feel have a sense of speed. 響きはどちらも豊かで、ほぼ互角。 Both are rich in sound, almost neck and neck. DJ1 PROの方が濁りがなく澄んでいる一方、PROline750の方がウォームで人間味がある。 DJ1 PRO turbidity is not clear who is in the meantime, PROline750 more humane and warm. 弦楽器、金管楽器はPROline750の方が若干うまい。 Strings, brass PROline750 is slightly more clever. 打ち込み系の音の表現はDJ1 PROの方がうまい。 The sound system is driving the expression of DJ1 PRO is good. どちらもかなりオールマイティーだが、あえて使い分けるならポップス・ロックはDJ1 PRO、それ以外はPROline750か。 Both ORUMAITI pretty, but if you dare to fit the pop rock DJ1 PRO Otherwise, it will PROline750?

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