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Ultrasone 780 Sibilance

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by milsivich, Nov 30, 2012.
  1. Milsivich
    I'm relatively new to the headphones scene, but not new to music or the sound-reproduction scene. I wanted to start off slow, so I decided to find the best cans for under $200. Overwhelmingly, I was recommended either the Audio Technica M50s or the Ultrasone 780s. After reading many reviews and starting a few threads on the differences, I came to the conclusion that the Ultrasone 780s were the headphones for me. 

    Well, they came today and my first impression was... disheartening. Don't get me wrong! They are the BEST headphones I've ever owned, but they have a GLARING problem that I simply can't overlook: sibilance. The moment I plugged these babes in and started up the first track, my breath was taken away by the sheer magnitude and clarity of the bass, and even the mids held a level of detail that I wasn't used to in a pair of headphones. But, the moment the singer hit their first "S" I was blindsighted by this truly horrible metalic, distorted sibilance that truly ruined the experience for me. 

    My question is this: can burn-in help this quality of the Ultrasone 780's? If not, once I return them which set of cans should I be looking toward? I listen to a wide variety of music, from Hip-Hop/Rap to Classical. I'd say I spend most of my time somewhere around acoustic, folky-type music (like Nickel Creek, Iron & Wine, Andrew Bird type music), but I need a set of cans that can deliver some sick bass for when I'm listening to electronic and rap. Maybe you can see why there Ultrasone 780s were recommended to me, but if burn-in doesn't fix the sibilance, I simply can't stand it, no matter how well I like everything else.
  2. ProjectDenz
    That's pretty much describing most of the issues I have with Ultrasone headphones. Their treble is quite spiky and sibilant.
  3. Bboy500
    This is the same problem that caused me to return my pro 900's and get the Hifiman He-400's.

    But I do have to mention, the Pro 550's do NOT have sibiliance that bad compared to the 900's. For the most part, I had 0 problems with my 550's compared to the 900's. Sibiliance on those two was night and day for my ears.

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