Ultimate Ears New Flagship iem Premier
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May 12, 2012
New ultimate ear 21 driver iem :

Looks very nice!
Here are the Specs:

The driver composition:

This is the first flagship of the UE (probably the most recognizable iem in the world for PROs) in a looong time.
Let’s see how are the impressions!
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all I have to say right now is "WOW"
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UE18+ gen 3 and UE Live received a cool head-fi reception so opinion has to be reserved, but the brand seem to have better standing in the professional space

Subject to a demo, unsure it is accurate to call 3k reasonable when that is 800 increase on the UE Live (?) Neither are UE traditionally competing with esoteric brands with no real professional artists roster but will sell an IEM for 5k just because
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Definitely deserves a listen, good thing - UE has a huge distribution network throughout the world (due to pro) most of them should have a demo available.
Interesting that we never mention about Empire ears ambition in customs and pro dept
And 64audio too, lovely to see some competition especially at the price.
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A long time ago I used to work for a consumer goods company who have a (the) famous dishwasher tab brand. It started with 3in1 claims, then the competition had 4in1, we went 5in1, they went 6 and so on. We finished (see what I did there?) with “all in one”. Take that competition. These CIEMs feel like all in one‘s 😂

(I’d buy a pair in a heartbeat for the record but don’t use my humble 6 BA cosmic ears CIEMs anywhere near enough).
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Hopefully, they put this out on tour so we get real-world feedback. :spy::speaking_head::relieved:
Unlike many other brands - UE has reps almost all over the world, so in most major cities in the US it’s possible to Google the distributor and check if they have one to try

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