Ultimate Ears 100 - opinions?
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Nov 2, 2010
How is the sound quality on these?
I'm looking for something really "pretty" that still has good sound quality.
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You're looking at a very low-end item - especially in 'my eyes'.
However it depends as to what you're looking for. If you could produce more information it may help me and others make decisions.
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these are very good for the price and comfortable too. bass is strong and overall they're easy to listen too. bought them on a whim and was very surprised. i personally prefer them over a number of phones including the klipsch s4, re0, hippo vb, apple iem.
they do not extend high, some detail is missing, but theres no real faults, no glare, nothing piercing.
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I would definitely recommend them, but thats my personal preference.
You have to consider, the audio industry is based on markup, snake oil and over engineering, and choices. Hence why you see people with 10+ pair of headphones(including myself). This one does this well, this other one does this better. Every now and then something cheap comes along that gets mysteriously gets things right, and you just listen to the music, to me this is one of them. The other was the NHT SuperZero/One. This time it happened to be a 20 dollar phone.
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Okay, well, it seems I'll be jumping at these if theres a sale anytime soon. (I don't mind $20, but the shipping kills it) And yeah, I have 5 pairs right now :D
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I would be hesitant on the 100's, as lower-end UEs (I have a pair of Metro-Fi 170s) tend to be underwhelming for the price. They do get pretty good as you move up though... Personally, I would recommend spending a bit more and go for the 500's, which are miles better than my 170s.

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