Ultimate DIY: the 3.5mm 1/8" mini jack plug collection thread

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  1. chaiyuta
    To make DIY M2M Cable [USB DAC -> Speaker (Audio Engine A5+)], Among Neutrik NTP3RC, Amphenol KS3PC-AU, Soundcrest, Viablue (Regular), Canare F-12 and Switchcraft 35HDNAU, Which one is the best 3.5 mm. Plug? Or do you have any other recommendation? (I prefer diameter of rear opening 7mm. or above)
  2. Paladin79
    I really like the Amphenol plug you listed but the rubber grommet may have to be removed to use 7 mm cable. I have used the Neutrik but they do not accommodate that size cable well, the Switchcraft and Canare certainly would and both of those are quality connectors and would hold up very well. I have no experience with the Soundcrest or Viablue but the others you listed are all very good quality connectors that I have used and with which I have not experienced any bad results. The amphenol has the extended tip to allow its use where others might not fit.
  3. zacrobmer
    I am impressed with the quality of the Amphenol K series of 3.5 plugs. It would be amazing if they made a female that matched.
  4. Paladin79
    I have not seen an associated female jack from Amphenol but I may try to look around later today if time allows. All of those plugs use proper solder lugs, I hate the connectors that use a round connection point separated by plastic. You are supposed to just lay the wire to the side of this and solder it. I was always taught that tacking a wire on the side of such a sleeve is the worst possible type of solder joint. I know Canare makes a good female jack, my builders use those all the time as well as Neutrik. I have less experience with Switchcraft on such a part but if they build it, you can be guaranteed it is good quality.

  5. zacrobmer
    Thanks Tom,

    I have some of the Rean Neutrik females (NYS240) and they are good connectors, and used one to add a removable cable to my DT770's.

    I looked everywhere I know to look for the Amphenol jacks with no luck (Mouser, Digikey, Ebay, Aliexpress etc).
  6. chaiyuta
    I just look up on Amphenol specs. It says for cable diameter 2.5-5 mm. so I can't use it.
  7. Paladin79
    As I believe I said earlier, you might be able to use it by removing the rubber grommet. I just put a micrometer on the inside of one with that removed and get 6.43 mm. With the use of a reaming tool, I can get that backshell to work with 7 mm cable if I absolutely had to, there is a small lip on the inside that holds the grommet in place. When removing the grommet there is little need for said lip. IMG_2154.JPG This is the nickel plated version of that same amphenol connector using 6.5 mm cable. I am not saying you should do this, I am only saying that if I wanted this connector to work with 7 mm cable......there are ways.
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  8. hoskoau
    Rean NYS 231BG-LL an support a 8mm OD cable
  9. Paladin79
    There are plenty of connectors that will support that size, 7 mm would be the max for the Amphenol after a bit of work and one of these is not in everyone's tool kit. IMG_2155.JPG
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