Ultimate DIY: the 3.5mm 1/8" mini jack plug collection thread

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  1. WillyW0nka

    Ebay has a bunch. 
  2. CalvinXC
    I'm a newbie, looking into building some DIY IEM cables, I just want to know how to solder them? Usually IEM cables have 4 wire and what to solder on ground?
  3. Bostonears
    You should be able to test the existing cable with a multimeter, then match that.
  4. Greg_R
    Has anyone found a good source for TRRS mini jacks?  This is like a 3.5mm stereo jack but with an extra ring (for microphone).  I've found a few plug sources but very few socket sources.  Additionally, the quality level is unclear (will the tabs break, how is the strain relief, etc.).  I'm modding a $150 set of headphones with a modmic and want to run the cable into the earcup (via mono plug) and out (TRRS plug).  Any tips or personal experience would be appreciated!
    Options I've found -->
  5. TrollDragon
    lunashops.com has all kinds of plugs and sockets.
    Such as this clone Oyaide TRRS
  6. nonobio
    Hi, I have to repair my earbuds with a 2mm cable (diameter).
    I bought a neutrik NYS231BG stereo plug but it seems to be too big to hold the cable.
    On the neutrik site, i saw that plugs NTP3RC and NTP3RC-B which support cable from 2mm to 4mm.
    Is there really a holding difference ?
    Do you have another product to recommend for this little 2mm cable ?
  7. Bostonears
    The holding difference will affect strain relief, but you could just build up the cable diameter using heat-shrink tubing for the plug with the larger opening.
    I prefer using right-angle plugs with portable devices and straight plugs with desktop devices. Presumably your earbuds will be for portable use, so why not just use one of the NTP3RC plugs?
  8. nonobio
    Because i ever bought a NYS231BG and i don't know if i should mount it, or buy the NTP3RC :wink:
    EDIT : So i finally bought the NTP3RC.It has a chuck strain relief that hold my little 2mm cable.It was the good choice.
  9. pongagt
    Mogami W2893 wire with Neutrik NTP3RC-B 3.5mm connectors used to make dslr audio cable for preamp or audio recorder mounted on camera. The lower half of the strain relief was removed and slits were cut in the rubber ends. The holes did not have to be drilled out.
  10. ThePCWizard
    I have a question for everyone,
    I'm actually looking for a plug to use on a cable I made for my wired headphones. I'm looking for something that I can attach the wires to without soldering them, just until I can get a new soldering iron. Does anyone know of a good plug?
    EDIT: I found this but I realized I need a right-angle plug as my headphones are usually on-the-go with me, plus I use my tablet in landscape mode alot. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Good-Promotion-Excellent-Quality-Golden-3-5mm-4-Pole-Male-Repair-Headphones-Audio-Jack-Plug-Connector/32326031478.html
  11. MJLavelle

    There are tons of these Sennheiser plugs on eBay from Chinese sellers. They have to be fake, because they don't even bother to advertise them as Sennheiser. The thing is, they look exactly like the ones you linked to. I'm just sayin.... They are cheaper too - 10 pcs for $8.00.

  12. MJLavelle

    I just bought these not 5 mins ago. I am not at all sure of the authenticity, but the price is good enough that I don't have much to loose by trying them. I do hope you are not in a hurry to get them though.

  13. Eudis
    Where do you guys get y-splitters from?
  14. _Wes
    Lots of good information here - thank you.  
    And found a good place for ViaBlue 3.5's (a post from '09 on this thread).  :)
  15. bassboysam
    can anyone recommend a good 1/8 inch stereo threaded plug?
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