10 vocals sound muffled
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Got mine today. I have been playing with tips and fitting. The signature changes pretty drastically depending on not only tips, but the positioning, as far as muddiness goes. I find the midrange silky for the most part, but they are still great. The surrounding frequencies and details just make them stand out a little more. I have some comply T500s on the way to try out, was thinking about the olives too, but I'll save that for later. I can tell they are going to take a little adjusting, but I do really like them so far, have a feeling I will like them more as time passes.

By the way, I am new so I would just like to say hello and FMW!
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all coming from ety's find this at ety's are great and mid and highs.

you neeed to give your ears and self time to adjust to the sound sig of the TF10 before making any complete judgement
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Originally Posted by enter260 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
but when comparing them to the sound coming from my speakers, vocals just don't sound right. are the tf10's supposed to be accurate?

Probably most accurate among all the offerings from UE/Logitech but I would still consider it pretty colored.
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It's certainly not bad or overdone but I think it has to do with the rather large soundstage (in a good way to my ears). I always found TFP sort of euphoric, ultra smooth and muti-layered in it's presentation where an IEM like UM3X is very deliberate and exact. Not sure that makes sense but that 's the best way I can describe it. So I can consider it sort of colored. I actually prefer the coloration but that veiled TFP midrange can be an annoyance with warm sources.
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Are Shure olives compatible with TF-10 out of the box?

No they aren't. The Shure Olives are about 2-3mm while the TF's are around 5-6mm. However, the clear tube inside the Olives are stretchy if you apply pressure so stick a plier through them, pry them open by slowly stretching them. and put them on. I have olives on my Sony headphones. ;]

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