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Which Is Your Favorite Filter?

  1. Silver

  2. Gunmetal

  3. Gold

  4. Silver-Damper

  5. Purple-Damper

  6. Gold-Damper

  7. Red-Damper

  8. Black-Damper

  9. Green-Damper

  10. Blue-Damper

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  1. Hi-Fi'er

    This thread IS NOTabout order statuses or order issues, order cancellations, prices, refunds, credits, exchanges, any vendor issues, conspiracy theories, Kick Start anything, complaints in general, any postal issues, quality issues, or issues with Trinity, Bob or Jake in general or any negative views or remarks about Trinity or any affiliates.

    If any of the above fits what you are looking for please either:

    A. Contact Trinity directly


    B. Go to the original thread: Original Trinity Thread

    This thread IS purely and solely for audio impressions-comparisons-synergy-audio tips-tricks, performance, sound signatures, filters, anything and everything else about the Trinity Phantom/Sagaris line of products. We want to keep this a positive and a supportive thread.

    Thank you kindly. :D
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  2. JiggaD369
  3. beemerm635
    Wonderful idea :thumbsup:
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  4. Karendar
    I can't wait!! Go @Bobtrinity you guys are doing a GREAT job!!!
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  5. Hi-Fi'er

    Right? Yes!

    I've never heard a 6 driver IEM so I'm expecting the PM6 to be a detail monster. I'm glad Trinity is not doing what everyone else is using Knowls drivers.
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  6. Karendar

    Trinity will blow anything I've owned out of the water, I'm sure. They're a small company, so I know why it's not easy for them, but I KNOW they'll deliver.
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  7. pred1973
    Went in on the Hyperion and original Delta... the Delta especially impressed me. So I was a day 1 order on the Hunter, I figured if the Delta was what they could do for the budget conscious, I wanted to hear what their best effort would sound like.  A little hard to maintain excitement in the other thread.
  8. barondla
    Do we know which phantom is the smallest?
  9. Hi-Fi'er

    The PM6 is out as it's the biggest. The Master should be the smallest but hard to say as Hunter looks small too but thicker in depth.
  10. Hi-Fi'er

    I hope so. I've never spent so much on an IEM before.
  11. phthora
    Hopefully, I am not out of line talking about the Sagaris series here, but...
    Is anyone else eyeing this IEM? I've always had a soft spot for quad-BA's, and I'm wondering how this thing fits in with the Trinity line-up. Mid-centric and detailed would get me very interested.
  12. barondla
    Great question phthora. Aren't most Trinity products slightly V shaped? Perhaps you have hit upon the Sagaris tuning. It would differentiate the two lines. I haven't studied the Sagaris. Is it a hybrid or do the ba do it all? The Sagaris player is also interesting.
  13. FranTBW
    Here as a Hunter buyer, and a Sabre + Delta V2 owner, great fun IEMs with good build quality and great accessories. Can't wait to play with all the toys my Hunters will come with
  14. phthora
    Good point! They do seem to have a house sound. I was thinking they might depart from the pronounced low-end since that is not usually a strong point with BA drivers. And, as far as I can tell, it seems to be straight balanced armatures. But, a quad-BA with push-pull DD's behind them would be insane!
    EDIT: Although, the website just says, "Quad drive IEM" in the description. I suppose that could be just about anything. Maybe the balanced armature part off base entirely.
  15. Bob A (SD)
    As someone of the cusp of being a septuagenarian, I feel my impressions may not be felt to be of much import for those much younger.  Regardless Trinity won me over with the sadly too overlooked Techne.  It easily supplanted other IEMs I have/had (e.g Puro Sound Labs, Vsonic, etc.).  I prefer the purple "smooth" Techne filters.  That said I have been and remain primarily a can user with my HD600 and modified HD580 being my "go tos" and gold standards.
    When Bob was clearing out his inventory of the Technes I popped for a "back up" pair.  That should serve to indicate how much I enjoy them.  Couldn't bear the thought of a loss, breakage, or other calamity, so again a second pair here.  As an aside Auvio medium tips have become my standard on all my IEMs.  Since they're discontinued I stocked up. :)
    Given the great customer service from Bob (spare right angle adapter gratis and a phone call from him in the UK over an issue with his online credit card ordering system), and of course my favoring his "house sound" (which might be best described as a quite mild V tweaked by the various filters provided),  I moved on the Master 4 when first offered. After a lot of experimenting I settled on the gold undamped filters (described as a perfect balance between the "smooth" and "fun" filters by Trinity).   Had a few hiccups with some filter threads which were quickly addressed by Bob and Jake.  No harm, no foul.  FWIW I guess I'm in the minority but I like the memory cables a lot.   Would readily swap the cables with controls (as I don't use IEMs with a phone) for another FWIW.   
    And now, I'm expecting the delivery of the Master Bob produced to refine what the Master 4 was.  Being redundant, having been well satisfied with past products / dealings, I have realistic high hopes for the new Master!
    BTW thanks to the OP for the new thread.  I actually left this site for over a month because of the assinine whinning that predominated in the "other" thread.  I mean some folks need to simply get a life!
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