Trinity Audio - PHANTOM AIR - The worlds FIRST tuneable truly wireless in ear monitor.

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  1. Bobtrinity

    As we prepare for our launch on Kickstarter on the 25th September 2016 we thought it pertinent to start a new thread for this product.

    The Phantom Air is purely wireless solution and will have the same sound signature (on its default filter setting) as our Hyperion model which was very well regarded here on Head-fi.

    We have incorporated our filter tuning system to allow you to adjust the levels of bass and treble via our damped and undamped filters, which in turn allows you to hear other parts of the spectrum in finer detail.

    Each pair of Phantom Air comes with 5 pairs of tuning filters in regular and long length filters to offer the best fit.

    The Phantom Air is charged via its own pocket charger which offers up to 30 hours of use . 

    Each Phantom Air has 3-4 hours of useable battery life before needing a recharge.


    We have spent over 1 year developing this product with special attention paid to just 2 main areas, sounds quality and connectivity. The Phantom Air uses our 7mm Titanium drivers which can be found in all of our range. We have incorporated a double antenna setup for the Phantom Air which is unique to our product to minimise drop out like so many others before us are plagued with. We utilise and internal and external antenna (external not visible ) for the most reliable signal possible.

    The Phantom Air also includes a Mic for calls on the go.


    The main body of the shell is made from CNC machine Aluminium and still retains a minimal size


    For more info please ask and we look forward to seeing you on the campaign.
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  2. audio123
  3. barondla
    Nice looking IEMs.
  4. linux4ever
    "Don't fall into evil bob's trap again" - instruction to myself:)

    Let's see if I can hold off buying these :wink:
  5. audio123

    you cant [​IMG]
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  6. bjaardker
    Kickstarter account ready and waiting...
  7. audio123
    waiting for the launch too
  8. Neotribal
  9. jynxed
    Good luck on the KS Bobtrinity, looks like it is red, black & gunmetal, silver too or is that an early version?
  10. Bobtrinity

    Orange too.
  11. jynxed
    Bob, the face has a graphic / button on by the look of it, can we get a higher rez image of one with more of a contrast please? - maybe the gunmetal / silver as that seems to be in white, it is a little too blurry on image above. Reason I ask is it is difficult to make out as a black symbol on a black background.

    Edit: oops I see that is white on white now heh no matter I guess it maybe one of those things that is a bugger to photograph :)
  12. nealh
    The filters are only going to be able to adjust the bass? The filters will not adjust the mids and higher frequencies?
    So was the filter system more like the Sabre? Or Delta V2?
  13. glassmonkey
    Them's looks like Sabre filters to me. Small thread, no damping options, yep, Sabre. Arrrr...
  14. nealh

    Hmm, I don't know if this is good or bad?  If the high frequencies are a bit much like some have said with the Sabre I am worried.  I can't recall what the sound signature was for the Hyperion?
  15. jdetroit
    If I remember correctly from the prior thread there was mention of a mic for taking calls. It's not mentioned above and I'm curious if that made it into the final version ?
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