TOUR CLOSED - Advanced Acousticwerkes US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - W900, W500, plus two surprises >>> Starting March 2017

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  1. Vodkamelon
    Sure, no problem.
  2. Vodkamelon
    The tour kit is sent to @Carlsan today, may expect delay due to holiday
  3. Carlsan
    Looking forward to it.
  4. Carlsan
    Received tour kit 1 this morning. Quick inspection of the kit and all is fine.
    Already own the w500 and the A3Hpro, so will be spending most of my time with the other two.
    Listening to the W900 and it does have a WOW factor. Well done. Certainly an improvement over the W500 which can get a bit too bassy.
    Happy New Year!
  5. Carlsan
    Kit 1 is on it's way to @guani360 - Port Saint Lucie, FL.

    Very brief thoughts, I've owned the W500 for a few years, they have given me hours and hours of enjoyment. The W900 is on the next level. Bass is controlled and just right, but extended, on the W900. For bassheads, or the occasional one, the W500 is really where to go. Otherwise, the W900 is a worthy addition to any high end collection, the sound of which reminded me of my Noble encores.
    I've also owned the original A3HPro for a couple of years, buying it off of Massdrop when it was first offered. V. 2 of this, which is the current tour earphone, has bigger and better bass, could it be using the same bass driver as the W500?
    The A3HPro is really one of the best bang for your buck CIEM's, if I didn't already have the first version, I would be all over this one.
    Finally, the last iem, the M40, just sounds outstanding. Unfortunaltly I spent just a few hours with it, as I ran out of time. My limited impressions were of a fun signature that has you tapping away while listening to music.

    Four excellent CIEM's, one a true bargain, one a bassheads dream, one a TOTL charm that competes in the top echelon of earphones, and one an outstanding mid-level performer.

    Thanks Barra for giving me the oportunity to listen to these wonderful ciem's.
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  6. guani360
    Received Kit 1 Today in the mail.

    Here are my observation:
    M40 - Doesn't have wipe cloth and wax cleaning tool

    But everything else seems to be in tact and great condition!
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  7. guani360
    Just got message from @chef8489 and he is the next in line. I will be shipping this out to him next
  8. chef8489
    Looking forward to it.
  9. guani360
    Kit #1 Will ship tomorrow and be on its way to Chef8489 (already updated him with tracking information)
  10. chef8489
    Kit 1 just arrived. Will look over it tonight when I get a chance.
  11. chef8489
    Sent a pm to @hattrick15. As soon as I get his info I will be shipping.
  12. chef8489
    Kit 1 is in the mail tomorrow.
  13. chef8489
    Package was delivered on the 9th. They were supposed to get a signature. @hattrick15 can you confirm you have possession of them please.
  14. hattrick15
    Package was received. Everything looks to be in great shape.
  15. chef8489
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